Disciplining Josie

(Lessons from the Sergeant Book 1)

Josie #1Coming from a neglectful family, Josie found herself seeking but didn’t know for what until she met the Sergeant. After reuniting with her sister, she bears witness to the struggles of her favorite sibling. Due to her sister’s wild ways, Josie is thrust into the hands of a man who lives life in almost an opposite fashion. As a dedicated military man, Sergeant Terence Leifson lives a life of rules, manners and discipline when someone steps out of line.

As a leader amongst fighting men, Sergeant Terence Leifson was used to giving orders and being obeyed, including in the bedroom. About to go on leave, he invites the young woman to come with him to his cabin. It is his intention to begin her initiation into a better way of living with firm discipline and lessons in pleasure.

While the both of them came together for nights of naughty fun, they didn’t expect it to become anything more than that. How will he respond when he discovers that Josie is a passionate woman and not one of his hardened recruits?

Disclaimer: This book contains several very graphic elements of BDSM including anal play, spanking, whipping and sex with multiple partners. Please do not purchase this book if you find any of these offensive.