Christmas in Australia means summer and Fel, a national park ranger, is gearing up for the busiest and hottest time of year. Hordes of tourists are descending on the park and Nick, a handsome cop, has been seconded there for the holiday season.

Fel is horrified to discover that Nick is her long lost childhood playmate. Back when they were kids, she encouraged him to play games with her that involved him turning her over his knee. Fel’s initial, embarrassed reaction is to avoid Nick as much as possible.

But Nick has other ideas. He remembers their games all too well and can’t help wondering whether Fel might still enjoy playing them as an adult.

Meanwhile, there’s something odd going on at the farm that borders the park. As Fel is drawn into the mystery, she finds herself in danger. Can Nick rescue her in time? And is her solo sleuthing the excuse he needs to ensure that the weather isn’t the only thing that’s hot this Christmas?

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