Meg has spent the entire day battling the last minute Christmas crowds to do her brand new fiancé’s shopping for him. There is just one thing she still has to find, a special limited edition toy truck – her gift to him. First informed that the trucks are all sold out, a disappointed Meg is shocked to spot the elusive blue box, hidden in a jumble on the bottom shelf. But as she reaches for it, a man picks it up first. After a teary performance involving a mythical child and an absent soldier father, Meg walks away with the truck. Her competitor having turned into a Really Nice Guy and handing it over with his best wishes.

Really Nice Guy confronts her in the mall restaurant after witnessing Meg giving the truck to her fiancé, who promptly rushes off. After warning that Santa may put coal and a switch in her stocking, he offers to forgive her if she goes to dinner with him. Right after Meg shows him her brand new engagement ring, her fiancé Dennis returns, takes a liking to Really Nice Guy – Jeff – sharing his opinion of Meg’s family’s eccentricities, and eventually volunteering to drop him at his sister’s house, which is on their way to his future in-laws’ house.

Road closures mean that they can’t get Jeff to his destination and Meg impulsively invites him to spend the weekend at her family house. The contrast between Dennis and Jeff’s interactions with her parents and participation in family traditions, has Meg taking a walk in the woods to think about things.

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