Good girl, Haylee Phillips could not believe the utter catastrophe she singlehandedly orchestrated two nights before Christmas. After one eggnog too many strips her of her inhibitions, literally, she parcels up her panties into a perfect Christmas gift and sends it to James MacPherson and Alex Avery, the billionaire best friends and business partners she’s idolized half her life.

That wouldn’t be so bad on its own, but no, she’d handwritten them a note too, with her name sprawled all over it. Stricken and scrambling for a way to right her humiliating wrong, only one option remains for Haylee. She must dress up as Santa Claus at their traditional Christmas party, retrieve her embarrassing present before they have a chance to open it, and go, without them even knowing a thing.

Except, when she gets caught, and James and Alex give new meaning to mistletoe.

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