Friday,  April 17,  2015
Corbin’s Bend – what’s with all the excitement, anyway?

Today, we have a deal – well, several deals actually – that you won’t want to miss. If you’ve kept up on the hype, Season Three of Corbin’s Bend is set to launch next week. For those of you who wonder if you have to read the books from the beginning, no you don’t. Though you will probably want to gather the whole series once you’ve started reading.

Today, we have so much to celebrate!

1st – Tonight is the Season Three Launch party on Facebook. Are you ready to rumble? Most of the authors for Season Three will be in attendance and a few of our other authors will probably pop in as well. There will be fun, laughter, craziness, giveaways, and a final couple hours to take advantage of the Season Three Pre-buy before it’s gone forever. (Someone will win an iPad Mini. Will it be you?)

Follow this link to attend the party  (Party starts at 7pm PDT & lasts until 9:15pm)

2nd – Season One boxed sets are on sale Today ONLY. Usually the two boxed sets sell for $9.99 each, but for today, they are $4.99/piece. You can have the full season one of Corbin’s Bend for less than $10. This is truly a limited-time offer as the sale will go off at midnight tonight!

Season One, First Collection

Season One, Second Collection

3rd – Season Two collections are now available! Like we said, today is a day to celebrate. Now you can get Season Two in two boxed sets.

Season Two, First Collection

Season Two, Second Collection

So, if you are completely new to Corbin’s Bend and want to catch up, today’s the day. You can get both of the first two seasons today, on Blushing Books only, for less than $30.00.   This is 17 full length books … less than $2.00 each.


What’s the Season Three Pre-Buy you ask?

Until midnight tonight ET, if you purchase the entire Season Three of Corbin’s Bend, you not only get the full season of eight books on the day each book is released for 25% off the retail purchase price of buying the books individually, but you also get an extra story not available anywhere else – A Corbin’s Bend Vignette, if you will. Also, you get entered for that wonderful iPad Mini we’ve been talking about. And who doesn’t want that?  Act fast, because this offer is only until midnight ET and then it’s gone.

Join us at our Season Three Launch party and check out all the wonderful things Corbin’s Bend has to offer!