Can you tell me about one or two of your books- I mean where should I start? What should I read first?


I’m very fond of “Werewolf Brothers Make Better Lovers” and my latest release, “Ransome My Love.”  I also wrote a ton of short stories.  The newest one, in “The Big Book of Domination,” is called Caught Looking.



What was the first book you wrote?


The first book I ever wrote is called “The Wendy House.”  I wouldn’t classify it as erotica, but it does have a love scene in it.


And what inspired you to start writing?


I can’t help but write.  Really.  Ever since I was a child, I’ve written, and sometimes I feel like some outside force is guiding my hand and telling me what to write.  At times like those, I can hardly write fast enough to keep up.



What genre do you like to read?


I love Regency romances.  And horror.



Do you have an author who influenced the way you write?


I have four: Chuck Palahniuk, Christopher Moore, Georgette Heyer and Margaret Drabble.  Make of that what you will, because they all have very different styles.



What is your toughest criticism?


I realize “She’s No Angel” isn’t for everyone, but some people were really mean about it.  Not about the actual writing, but the subject matter itself.  The thing is, I feel like there’s room in this world for everybody’s love story, no matter what it is.



And your best compliment?


I was very pleased with the reviews for “The Cowboy and the Mail-Order Bride.”


What do you like to do when you are not writing?


Mostly, I grow orchids and read my head off.  What I’m reading now is “Roxana,” by Daniel Defoe, written in 1724.


Are you a Morning or Evening person?


Oh, my God, I am so far from being a morning person it’s not even funny. 


And for fun, does Prince Charming really exist?


Prince Charming does exist, and his name is Steven Sargenti!  Sorry, ladies, but I snapped him up first.




Ransome My Love

Fresh out of mourning, Lady Sabrina plans to take the town by storm, but her guardian, the strict and dashing Lord Ransome, whisks her away to Bath before she is able to. Over his knee with her bottom bared is frequently a position she finds herself in. Will she marry one of her many suitors to escape from his disciplinary measures? Or will she surrender her heart–and her bottom– to the man she really loves?




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