His Little Pixie: Myths and Magic by Georgia St. Claire
Polly’s life is in a mess. Her parents were recently murdered and her brother walked in on the scene just in time to be able to identify the fleeing assassins. Authorities promptly shut down all communication between the siblings and U.S. Marshals placed him in the Witness Protection Program. Since Polly was away at college in a different state at the time, no one knows whether she is in danger or not. Her brother was able to arrange for her to go off the grid by living in the attic of the building housing the fledging software company he and his best friend have founded to create computer games. She spends her days doing what she can to help her brother’s company and volunteering at a nearby orphanage. She spends her evenings beta testing the prototype game everyone is hoping will be the next big thing and make them all rich. She knows her online testing partner only by his gaming persona, Arthuric, who plays the hero to her Elfgurl, the thief. Initially, they had agreed not to share their real life information for privacy purposes, but as they spend their evenings together adventuring online, she regrets not knowing more about the man she is becoming very attracted to.
Nicholas has a keen interest in toys, especially keeping informed on all the new ones that are likely to appear on children’s Christmas request lists. With his engineering and computer training and his affinity for the Christmas magic that runs in his family, he has taken over the responsibility for overseeing all production at the North Pole. It keeps him very busy, but doesn’t feel like work because he loves what he does. As part of his desire to keep abreast of new developments, he has volunteered to help a fledgling company by beta testing their new adventure computer game. It’s a fun way to spend his evenings and he is enjoying being part of creating a worthwhile product for teenagers. Plus it doesn’t hurt that his gaming partner is a cute little elf with the most deliciously pointed ears… Living and working at the North Pole means that Nicholas hasn’t had much of an opportunity to meet single women, not that he was particularly adept socially when he was attending school and getting his degrees. It’s always hard to make a meaningful connection with a woman when you can’t tell her where you really live and that your father is Santa Claus. The anonymity agreement for the beta testing was a perfect solution to his problem in the beginning, but now he wants to know more about Pix, the woman who is his partner, especially since his family magic is telling him that she is scared that she is in danger. He wants to be more than the hero in the game; he wants to be her hero in real life. But how can he do that when it took him months just to learn her name?
Saxa’s former master and lover, the Centurion Gaius, promises to purchase her from her current master as soon as he is able to return to Rome. But misfortune befalls him and his plans are tossed aside while Saxa must learn a new life pleasing Legatus Marsus in his grand house on the outskirts of Rome. Becoming more and more obsessed with his favorite toy, the legatus goes back and forth between threats and punishment, to doing anything she wants in his desire to own the woman’s beautiful body and soul. When her former master and lover Gaius finally returns, will she be able to be with him? And how will it affect the rough relationship she already has with her current master?
This is the third book in the series: Saxa’s Journey.
DISCLAIMER: This is a newly edited and greatly revised version of a book previously released under the title Saxa. It contains the spanking of adult women, power exchange, and explicit sexual scenarios. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.
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Today’s Free Book: His Christmas Brat by Kelly Dawson

Virginia Stiles is the spoilt, only daughter of veteran movie producer Tom Stiles. She is shocked to be informed that she is to be uprooted from the Hollywood lifestyle she knows and loves, to be sent to New Zealand to spend Christmas with the grandparents she hasn’t seen in years. Despite being born in New Zealand,
Virginia has spent the past decade in Hollywood with her famous father – ever since her mother died. The last place she wants to visit is the country that holds such sad memories for her. Besides, she’s been invited to the biggest social event of the year – the Hollywood Hills Bachelor party – the party that anyone who is anyone will be attending. Even worse, her father wants her to experience a laid-back Kiwi Christmas, and to curb her shopping habit, is introducing a spending limit on her credit cards. Virginia uses all the tactics she knows to change his mind, but her father refuses to listen to her pleas and isn’t swayed by her tears. Instead, he brings in Shane.
Shane is a six foot three inch, broad-shouldered solid ball of muscle, and he is the man who will be accompanying her to the country of her birth as her chaperone. A professional bodyguard trained in close combat with a black belt in multiple martial arts, Shane is more than capable of keeping his charge safe. But will he be able to tame his spoilt, bratty charge, enforce the spending limit her father has set, and prevent her from ruining everybody’s Christmas?
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