Laura is stuck in a rut. Forty-two and divorced, with her son and daughter away at college, she is enjoying cocktails with her best friend when she decides to reinvent her life and move to Boston. There she can be closer to her friends, keep working as a freelance designer, and start over, away from the memories of her dull marriage.
Jake is handsome, dominant, and successful. He’s also a playboy. When he is introduced to Laura by mutual friends of theirs, sparks fly between them, but he immediately warns her not to expect a relationship. He’s happy to see to her needs in the bedroom, but after an unhappy marriage of his own, he’s vowed never to get emotionally attached again.
As Jake takes her on a journey of sexual reawakening and discovery, fulfilling her darkest fantasies, Laura finds herself getting more and more involved with him on a deeper level. She dreams of introducing him to her family and spending more time with him – despite his hesitation to get involved. And he, too, seems to be behaving more and more like a boyfriend than a friend with benefits.
Ahead of her lies a course where Laura has to find herself and discover the woman she longs to be. Does she dare to own her newfound, submissive sexuality and try to make her fantasy of being with Jake long-term come true? Or will Jake allow his past to ruin their future before he’s even given it a chance?
Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual scenes including elements of BDSM, anal, and ménage. If you don’t enjoy such material, please do not purchase.
Cole Lyon is coming home after over ten years away.   He’s changed, Rose’s Ranch has changed, and yet this is the place he’s always thought of as home.
Meeting the fiery Chef Rayne Thompson on her first day of work makes him even more glad he’s home.  The chemistry is immediate, but she quickly tells him that she’s only staying a short amount of time. She’s working her way south and this ranch is only a stop on her road there.  He finds out why.  She burns every bridge she encounters and never looks back.
That temper.  That body.  That active intriguing brain.   This is a woman he would love to tame.  He’s served in the military, broken horses, and she seems more challenging than anything he’s encountered.   His palm itches to help her, teach and guide her.
Rayne has no interest in a man.  She has goals and does not want anyone telling her how to behave or how she should run a kitchen.  Especially not some ex military ranch hand who thinks he can cook and thinks he can deal with her staff better than she can.
Her temper.  His infuriating calmness.   Which is more powerful and why does love have to mess up the best laid plans?