A better question would be “Got Blushing Books?” If your e-reader is feeling a little neglected, our most recent update offers the perfect remedy to that problem. And it doesn’t matter what you’re into because our new selections are bound to please any taste. And since your e-reader holds more than a bag, you can fill it with as many as you want!

For the traditional romantic, Joannie Kay’s The Easter Egg Hunt is sure to please. Blushing Books Blog recently interviewed Kay about domestic discipline storylines. If you missed the interview, you can catch it here. If fantasy is your cup of tea, then Nattie Jones’ The Peasant Farmer: Land of Khys, Mona Whitlock’s Alternate Reality or K.A. Halle’s Arabella: In Her Prince’s Chamber will take you to new realms of titillation. I’d like to take this opportunity to mention that Blushing Books saw a flurry of downloads for K.A. Halle’s first book, Arabella: In Her Lord’s Stable following our release of a trailer for that title, which is still being offered here for free until the end of the month. For Victorian age-play fans, Carolyn Faulkner has a just-released title – The Submissive Bride. Victorian erotica has become quite popular with our readers and that theme paired with Carolyn’s delectable storytelling is a perfect combination. There are titles others as well, so don’t keep your e-reader waiting! Reach into the virtual book bag and treat yourself to a download today!