Welcome to the Victorian era, where the men are dominant, handsome and loving, the nannies are stern but fair, and the ladies are innocent until corrupted. This is a collection of previously published, classic Victorian ageplay titles by five bestselling authors who have mastered this unique, popular genre. If you like explicit themes including creative punishments, hot bottoms and Daddy Doms, this set is for you!

The Abbeyville Way by Tabitha Black

Sara Lyttle has spent her entire childhood looking forward to one thing – her wedding day – but life as an Abbeyville wife is nothing like she imagined. Her new husband David doesn’t waste any time introducing his new bride to nannies, strict discipline and the pleasurable, sometimes frustrating delights of an ageplay lifestyle.

The Duke’s Possession by Zoe Blake

Charlotte thought marrying a Duke meant expensive gowns, champagne and elegant balls. Her new husband had other ideas. Marriage to the Duke of Cumberland will mean childish dresses, bottles of warm milk and an early bedtime in a nursery and any defiance will be met with strict discipline at his hand.

DeAkeney’s Bride by Darla Phelps

Marriage is nothing like convent-raised Margot has been led to believe. Her new husband treats her more like a little girl, forcing her to live in the nursery with a companion who rules over her like the strictest governess. Margot soon learns to submit but how can she ever call him ‘Papa’ when her emotions toward him feel anything but familial?

Miss Summer’s School by Maggie Ryan

When Lord Maximilian Hollister enrolls his new bride, Alexandria Bannister, in Miss Summers’ exclusive finishing school, he is praying that the unusual curriculum is the answer he seeks. These women need more than a husband to fulfill all their needs – they need a firm and loving Papa, as well.

Enrolling Little Etta by Alta Hensley & Allison West

Can Etta fully surrender in ways she has never imagined? Can she submit to discipline and sexual training as the purity of her inner child blends with the fire of her sexual desires? And is it possible for her to truly become the little love that Headmaster Philip Hartley demands?