A Beautiful Ranch by Misty Malone

Dalton Henderson has his life and his ranch under control and running smoothly… until his sister, Daphne, asks him whether her old school friend can stay with him on his ranch for a little while. Lily is an artist who paints mostly scenery, and is trying to recover from a bad personal experience. Lily needs a new start, with new scenery to look at, in order to get her inspiration back.
Dalton reluctantly agrees, and his previously quiet, orderly life quickly changes. Lily loves staying at the ranch, and is inspired by her new surroundings. She sees beauty where others don’t, and, by seeing his own ranch through her eyes, Dalton finds himself impressed – both by her and her artistic talent. But although Lily is quick to see the beauty around her, she can’t – or won’t – see the potential dangers. Dalton is determined to keep her safe, even if it takes an occasional trip across his knee.
His unique method of protecting her seems to be working well, until the two find themselves confronted by an unknown but serious threat. And until Dalton manages to find out who is behind it, he will have his hands full keeping both of them safe.
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