He fell in love with her years ago. She fell for him the day she entered his clinic, fourteen years later.

Erin Blake suffered after the deaths of her twin brother and her parents, and it drove her to do some questionable things. Now, she is recovering at Dr. Marcus Stewart’s clinic, where she hopes to get well again and recover her self-composure and strength.

Marcus first met Erin over fourteen years ago, at The Henley Regatta, long before she was in his clinic, a lifetime in his past. But she doesn’t recall him and he does not allude to it. All those years ago, Erin stirred something in his soul, in his heart. He thinks he fell in love with her on sight.

From the first day at the clinic, Erin develops a powerful passion for Dr. Stewart. The doctor soon rekindles his for her, but Marcus has one condition. He asks Erin that during her stay at the clinic, until he discharges her from his care, she must keep their liaison a secret. He is an eminent and admired doctor, and he has a reputation to maintain.

Erin does not trust Marcus’s reasons for this secrecy. She thinks he doesn’t love her. Her fantasies and erroneous conclusions drive her to believe he is deceiving her with another woman. This gives way to conflicts and misconceptions, and a comedy of errors ensue!

Publisher’s Note: This steamy, contemporary romance contains sexual scenes and a theme of power exchange.

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His thumb went to her lips and he caressed them, while she kissed his thumb with tiny little kisses, holding his hands.

“Oh, my love, I’ve been wanting to do this for months,” he whispered.

She smiled coyly, nodding, and replied, “Me, too.”

“First things first, sweetheart,” he emphasised, leaving her side and walking off. He took his jacket off, rolled his shirt sleeves up, and sat on the couch at the bottom of his bed.

“Hm?” she mumbled, “what are you doing?”

“Lift your dress to your waist, darling, and come here,” he said, in full control, his usual unflappable temperament seeming to have materialised as if by magic. He was enjoying this.

“What?” she said as her eyes went almost out of orbit.

“You heard me, darling, now like a good girl, here, on my lap! You don’t think I have forgotten your disrespect, do you?”

“What the hell, M-Marcus?” she stammered.

“Aha! See my point, as much as I am eager to make love to you, poppet, you need to learn a lesson. No disrespecting me or disregarding my rules! The reason I allowed you to come to the party was under the strictest rule of No Drinking! Understood?”

“I only had one drink,” she murmured.

“One? I take it from an excellent source you had several drinks, so don’t lie to me. And when I said no alcohol, I meant it. None. But that’s not all. You told me to bugger off, used awful language. And now you are lying. That won’t do! Is that clear?”

“M-Marcus, I-I…” she tried, but no words came out.

“I won’t allow you to make a mockery of things, when I give you an order and it’s for your own good, always, remember that. Make no mistake, you follow it. Understood, and no disrespect as you go about it, either. Come here.”

“You are not serious!”

“Now, sweetheart, why would I stop kissing that beautiful mouth of yours, if there wasn’t a good reason for it? Ah? Here, now! Don’t make me say it again. Haven’t you been spanked before?”

“Spanked? No, of course not! Don’t be silly.” She laughed, and he raised a fine brow to her and beckoned her with his index finger.

“Well, if someone had, perhaps you wouldn’t be so disobedient and disrespectful. Here, please. I don’t want to drag you again. When I say come here, you do it. Here! Now!” he said, his last word a peremptory command.