Nothing less than pure love and trust will win over the woman he is determined to have as his own.

Fianna is a different kind of woman. She’s built her life around solitude and caring for those who have been damaged by others. She is one of those damaged souls. She has been hurt so deeply, she doesn’t believe love can exist for her. Men can’t be trusted, people can’t be trusted, and that leaves her with her wild creatures. She has chosen to isolate herself, and remain with the animals she loves, and the horses that have been injured beyond what most men can fix. She can feel their fear and pain; can understand it, and help. Being a receptor of second sight frightens most, but she must live a life of sometimes knowing the wonder, and the evil of the future. The problem is sometimes she knows the future, but other times it is as surprising and shocking to her as it is to those around her.

Fianna agrees to work with a father she doesn’t trust, and tolerate a spoiled half-sister to pay a life debt. She has already seen what is coming, although she doesn’t know when. She doesn’t know her father’s business, and when Quinn Russell and his cousin come to the ranch, she gets little or no warning of what is about to change her life.

Most people fear what they can’t understand, but not Quinn Russell. One glance at the tiny free spirit, and he’s captivated. Where others see strange, he sees beauty both outside and in. Dealing with a walking, breathing barometer of true feelings is going to mean he has to let down his guard. He has to let her see the man he is, the man he wants to be. Only then may he have a chance of winning her heart.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy Western romance contains elements of action, adventure, and power exchange.


Fianna faced him, and he saw her eyes again. Beautiful violet eyes, fringed with dark, thick lashes, set in a lightly tanned face. She had a few freckles sprinkled across her nose and cheeks, not many. He wanted to be close enough to count them.

He watched her ride away. Even in the mud, she jumped and cleared a fence. She was a wild creature, her hair wet, tangled and trailing behind her in the whipping wind. He didn’t have to see her eyes to know they were spirited and in love with the speed and the challenge. He wanted to see that same look focused on him when he was riding her.

All those glorious golden-red curls flowed over her shoulders, wild and free, and he couldn’t help himself. He turned her to face him, thrust his hands into all those damp curls, and pulled her to him.

“We shouldn’t…” Fianna whispered.

“I have to,” Quinn mumbled. “You are so damned beautiful!” He pulled her into a kiss.