As the seventh son of a duke, Keran of Bristol never thought to have his own lordship. So when King Edward IV offers him a bride and a castle near the Scottish border, he is ecstatic. However, when he arrives at the country keep, he finds that His Majesty’s court is not the only place where intrigue resides. The widow runs the keep with an iron fist, her daughters and everyone else fear her. A quick, by chance glimpse of a young, beautiful woman has him determined to meet her.

Syndra of Mardoon knew that after her father’s death, her stepmother would never allow her to be anything more than a servant in her own home. Threatened with the death of her friend if she doesn’t cooperate, she hides in the shadows while her younger half-sister is introduced to the new lord as his intended. With the scheming ploys put forth by her stepmother already in play, Syndra is reluctant to believe that the handsome new lord can set things right at Mardoon. But one touch of Keran’s lips convinces Syndra otherwise, and she finds herself surrendering to him… mind, body and soul.

Publisher’s Note: This historical romance is intended for adults only and contains elements of intrigue, suspense, mystery, danger, sensual themes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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“Yes, it is.” His gaze roamed her body again. “Such a beautiful new kirtle and shift. It would be a shame to ruin all your hard work so quickly. Take them off.” He practically growled out the last words, and Syndra nibbled on her lower lip, her heart racing.

“’Tis unseemly, milord, to engage in carnal acts in the middle of the day.”

“I will give you ten seconds, and then I lay rent to all you have done today. I want you naked. Right now.” He took one step back and gave her a stern look. “I am waiting.”

This was a side he hadn’t shown her last night, and it thrilled her, making her nerves jump with pleasure. “One.”

Her hands trembled as she lifted the kirtle, setting it aside carefully.

“Two… Three…”

“You are counting too fast.”

He licked his lips as she lifted the shift, and the wonderful place between her thighs tightened in anticipation. She could feel wetness forming in her folds, preparing the way for her to take him inside her. Again.

“Four… Five… Six. You had better hurry. I am not a patient man, and my cock grows weary of waiting for you.”

She let go of the shift, letting it drop back down into place, then gave him a coy grin.

“And if I do not hurry?”

“Cheeky little chit, are you not? Do not make my deadline and find out what happens. “Seven, eight, nine, and ten.”

Fear of her new clothing going the way of her old, she lifted the shift again and pulled it over her head, dropping to the floor.

“You disobeyed me. Wives should always obey their husbands.”