Valentine’s Day is almost here. That means hearts, flower, candy and hopefully something sexy as well. We’ve not forgotten our loyal readers this Valentine season. To honor Cupid’s favorite day, we’re giving away a free copy of Fiona Wilde’s The Matchmaker.

In The Matchmaker, Cassie Bernard specializes in helping lonely hearts find their perfect match. But when she learns client Gavin Peterson is looking for a submissive woman, Cassie – who has been looking for a dominant man –  is faced with a dilemma. She can hardly date a client, so she hatches a plan to pose as “Lola,”  his perfect match.

Of course there is no “Lola,” and the risky plan backfires on the naughty matchmaker. Will she be able to salvage her job and find love? Or will her Valentine’s Day end up in an epic fail?

You can only find out if you download the free book. And getting your copy of Matchmaker is as easy as adding it to your cat and checking out. It’s free. No hassle and no obligation. Of course, if you want to pick up a few of our other titles while you’re there, we couldn’t blame you. After all, can you really get too much excitement on Valentine’s Day?

No, we didn’t think so either.