Feelings of the heart do not abide by the rules of society, do they?

Rose is a proud and egotistical courtesan. She has a reputation of exacting her revenge on those who dare to cross her or put her in a bad mood. Still, her flawless beauty and skills at her trade make her the most sought-after courtesan in Madam Dustin’s brothel. As skilled as she is, she is unprepared for the moment Lord William Clifford makes his presence known and shakes the very foundation of her life.

Lord William agrees to attend a masquerade ball at the brothel with his lifelong friend, Lord Robert Tyne, with no intention of partaking of any services offered. His thoughts and emotions are strained when the most beautiful woman he’s ever encountered walks into the room. With one look from her, his life is thrown into chaos by a thunderbolt of emotions; something much stronger than lust.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance contains elements of power exchange.


Rose braced herself as John stepped behind her. She pressed her palms on the surface of the table and waited for her punishment to begin.
When the first strike came, she gritted her teeth to absorb the excruciating pain and not scream. The pain was unbearable, but she refused to give her matron the satisfaction of seeing her behave like Molly.
Her mind wandered off and she kept staring ahead as the paddle was brought down on her bottom once again. Her breathing hitched, but she kept the sobs and wailing at bay.
“Hit her thighs,” Olivia instructed John.
She did not know that thighs were more tender than the flesh of her bottom. She was unaware that hitting her soft skin would extract tears from her eyes.
John hit first her left thigh and then the right, all the while she tried to hold on to her dignity. Her flesh was burning. She wanted to scream and howl, but she refused to give in to her impulses.
The paddle came down for the third time on her thighs and her mouth opened in a silent scream while her eyes closed of their own accord.

About the Author

Nancy Wells does not reside in one place for a long time. She has the soul of a gypsy and goes where the tides take her. At this moment, she is stuck with her postgrad in RS and GIS, but will be gone the moment she gets her hands on her degree.

Writing has been a hobby and an outlet for expressing her feelings for long time, but on the suggestion of a close friend, she decided to publish her first piece and is keeping her fingers crossed for a positive response from the readers.

Her background is in engineering and she is usually found with a screwdriver in hand and a broken appliance because she has no idea how to fix it. Yup, she is not a good engineer and no one should trust her with valuable electronics. 😉 You can find Nancy on: