Blushing Books’ ARC (Advance Reader Copy) Program


Interested in receiving books free of charge from Blushing Books? Here’s how:

Send a request to be included in our ARC program to the program coordinator, Allison, at

Every Monday you will get an email from us which will list up to four new titles available for requests.   Most will be “coming soon” titles, but occasionally we might also make a book that’s already been released available for reviewing.

  • Check out the current titles available below, and if any interest you, send an email to our ARC coordinator, Allison, at:

List the book you would like to review.  If you are interested in more than one, please request them in your order of interest.  Please consider the following in making your requests:

  1. Many people are interested in participating in this program, so request only books that you are genuinely interested in reading. We cannot guarantee that you will always get books you request as we do limit the number of ARCs for any title.
  2. Please do NOT request books in genres that aren’t “your thing.”  If age-play isn’t of interest to you, it’s not fair to anyone that you request an age-play book and then leave a poor review because it’s age-play.
  3. We ask that you read the book and leave the review within an approximately ten day time frame.   If you are not going to be able to meet this time frame, wait until you have more time available.
  4. You will not be eligible to receive a additional ARCs until you have returned the review verification form.  (Link below.)

You will receive a new ARC mailing every Monday.   ARC assignments will be made by midday on Wednesday, so you must have your ARC request to us by Wednesday morning, 10 AM Eastern Time.   Please note that because of the size of this program, if you are not selected in a given week, you will NOT get an email informing you of this.   Check your email box between noon and 1 PM on Wednesday (Eastern Time) as this is when the books will be mailed out.

We will be mailing .pdf versions of the books.   If books have already been released, a .mobi version might be available . PDFs will automatically be sent, so if you want a “mobi if available” you need to mention this in your request.

These ARCs are private and copyrighted and are not to be shared with any one else.

We ask that you leave reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Blushing.   The reviews can be identical.  If you are a member at Goodreads, please leave a review there as well.

Please use the following form to inform us that your reviews have been left.

Please note that the purpose of this program is to support and benefit Blushing Books and Blushing Books’ authors.   We provide ARC’s in exchange for honest reviews;  however, if you cannot in good conscience leave a 3, 4, or 5 star review, please consider letting us know your reasons why and allow us the opportunity to possibly correct any problems you found or concerns you may have, particularly if it’s something like a formatting issue that has nothing to do with the story itself.    The form above gives you the opportunity to do so.

Also on our form you have the opportunity to tell us about concerns or suggestions you might have that may not have effected your review, such as an unsuitable cover, formatting issues, or inappropriate title.

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