A rich heiress who has ruled her lands from an early age, Lady Alicia de Lancres knows herself not to be a meek, biddable woman and has already settled upon a husband who will suit her. Yet King Henry has other plans for her, which include Bertran FitzRolf, a decisive lord who puts Alicia over his knee for discipline in front of the assembled court in order to teach her a lesson in humility.

Not even the powerful Eleanor of Aquitaine can save Alicia from a marriage to the stern lord who delivered the punishment. Forced to wed a man she resents, but whose hazel eyes and large hands stir strange sensations within her, Alicia will come to discover Bertran FitzRolf might not be such an unsuitable husband for her as she’d first thought.

This is book one in the Her Stern Husband series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This historical romance contains elements of an arranged marriage, sensual scenes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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When she saw at last that her husband was still sleeping, giving no sign he would wake, she rejoined him on the bed, as a wicked thought came into her head. There were several ways of making a man alert and ready, weren’t there? She pulled back the covers, and gently laid her lips upon his cock which was lying at half-mast. And soon the scrumptious taste of his cock made her fully take him into her mouth. She smiled against his shaft when she felt him jolt wide awake, but continued her ministrations, until she made him spill his salty seed inside her mouth with a deep moan. She did not dislike the taste of it, and felt quite wicked as she swallowed his salty essence. She wiped her mouth, then looked upon him with a smile. She was still new to this kind of lovemaking, and she feared she’d been too artless.

“How do you feel, my lord?” she asked tentatively.

“I dreamt I’d died and gone to Heaven,” he told her with that smile which made him look even comelier than he already was.

“Don’t blaspheme,” she chided with a smile of her own, further wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

He caressed the seam of her lips, which were still red and slightly swollen from her earlier ministrations.

“You’ve behaved like a dutiful wife,” he told her approvingly.

She laughed, still tasting his essence upon her tongue, and revelling in the salty taste of it.

“Dutiful wives get rewards,” he told her, now stroking the side of her neck. “So, what does your heart desire, wife?”

Five Fun Facts About R.R. Vane

1. Her husband is Transylvanian. Really. But she rarely feeds him.

2. She can read Latin, Old English and Middle English pretty well.

3. She lives on a diet that is mainly made up of red wine and cheese.

4. She actually fell in love in Paris.

5. She adores romance, but she hates fancy weddings and got married in jeans.

Author Interview

What’s your favorite romance genre?

Definitely medieval and usually historical over contemporary romance, but my tastes are eclectic and I also love fantasy romance, as well as paranormal romance or a good futuristic/dystopian story.

If you were to choose a color, what would that be?

I always hesitate between blue and green, and when I read some stuff, I discovered it’s actually pretty natural. Do you know there was no separate word in Ancient Greece to clearly distinguish blue and green and gray? Take the goddess Athena for example (And, yes, I am a geek at heart). The color of Athena’s eyes has been translated either as blue or green or gray. But I think eye color is pretty fluid anyway…The romance heroes I write tend to have green or blue or gray eyes. But in A Stern Lord for My Lady, I made my hero’s eyes hazel…

What’s one of the hottest movies you ever watched?

There are so many I love because I live much of my life in books and movies. A hot movie that’s one my favorites is Secretary. Check it out if you haven’t seen it…A handsome, mysterious boss and the woman who works for him and who is very vulnerable at first…Only at first, because you begin to wonder who really calls the shots in their relationship. And it’s a very hot relationship with a lot of rules in it.

If your mood was a song right now, what would you be playing?

Cornflake Girl by Tori Amos. It’s a song that’s powerful and strange and it’s about accepting your own sexuality in a conventional world that tries to repress it.

Would you rather do the spanking or be spanked?

Be spanked. But I won’t say no to doing the spanking from time to time. What I love about writing spanking scenes is that I can get to switch the point of view. And I do that pretty often. So that my readers can get to see it from both perspectives. I guess I love both perspectives… 

Note from the Author

Dear Reader, 

I will probably never get enough of medieval romance and I am excited that this is the first medieval romance I get to publish. Bertran and Alicia’s story has been in my head for many years and it’s inspired by a hot scene I saw as a teen in a film about William the Conqueror and about his wife, the lady Matilda. Rumor goes that Matilda was initially unwilling to marry William…I won’t tell you what he did that made her change her mind because that’s a story you have to discover in my book (but perhaps you can already guess). This book is set somewhat later in history, in the time of Henry II, and here you will get to meet both him and his formidable wife, Queen Eleanor. I would say that my heroine is also a rather formidable woman and the right match for the valiant Bertran, even if she does not want to wed him at first.