A traditional woman needs a traditional man… She just doesn’t know it yet…

Handsome American Billionaire, Alexander Deucalion is in love with Scarlett Blackwood, who happens to be the beautiful unhappy wife of Ross, the cruel European Manager of his holding company. After Ross becomes more abusive, Alexander arrives in London to finally liberate her and to thwart Ross’s plan of laundering money through the billionaire’s company.

Although deeply in love with Alexander, Scarlett is reluctant to leave Ross’ side because of a promise she made to the police. A promise to spy on Ross and his relationship with her father who has connections to London gangs and the Russian Mafia. Alexander is forced to administer a firm, guiding hand to her bare bottom to keep her safe when she attempts to leave his side fearful she is putting his life in danger.

Alexander discovers a brave, feisty, emotionally scarred woman in need of his love, and dominance as he fiercely protects her from the men who seek to take her from him and imprison her for their own ends. Scarlett finds a stern, no nonsense man who loves her and will do anything to protect her, even from herself.

Publisher’s Note: This billionaire romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of action, adventure, mystery, suspense, sensual scenes, adult themes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Scarlett looked down at her body, her heavy breasts heaving on her chest, her wide hips moving as she helplessly bucked down on his fingers. How could she let herself come like this? What would she look like? She wished she looked so much better for him but the thought began to fade, the pleasure too intense by have him touching her so intimately, just as she had fantasized about for so long.

“Scarlett, I am waiting,” he softly ordered.

His dominant tone was enough to send her over the edge and force her orgasm to explode loud and intense, making her cry out and her legs feel weak as it spiraled and shot through her body like a bolt of electricity firing every nerve ending.