A widowed duke, still in love with his first wife, a young woman longing for her first love…

Sebastian, Duke of Broadwell, has no intention of remarrying, but an unexpected discovery of a codicil in his grandfather’s will disrupts his pleasant life. He must be married on his forthcoming birthday or forfeit his inheritance.

Bowing to the inevitable, Lord Sebastian invites a select group of potential brides to a house party. Almost against his will, the duke finds himself charmed and delighted by Amelia Hartford. But Amelia, raised in a quiet country town, finds the sophisticated world of the haut ton overwhelming.

Further complications face Lord Sebastian and Amelia when the petty jealousy of a rival for his attentions threatens their safety. Will they find a way to stop her before her jealousy goes too far?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance contains graphic scenes and a theme of power exchange.

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Amelia hesitated. She was not quite sure how to obey the duke’s instruction. He raised his eyebrow and fixed his eyes on her. He patted his thigh. She watched how his long fingers tapped his leg, beckoning her to move forward.

Amelia swallowed. She shifted slowly closer to him, her eyes wide as she focused on his hard muscles. His lap did not offer a comfortable seat. With a slight twist, she cautiously eased her body over his legs. She felt awkward and the solid ridge of his cock pressed into her stomach. She tried not to press too hard against him, but there was no way to avoid lying on his manhood.

She wriggled, trying to lift her breasts that were squashed almost flat against his thigh and lift herself off the obvious swelling of his cock. The sharpness of the duke’s voice stilled her. “Enough!” he barked. “There is no point in trying to be modest.” His large hands tugged roughly at her body, placing her just where he needed her. She was very conscious that her bottom was now raised in the center of his lap, giving him easy access to its rounded globes.

Her head and arms dangled towards the ground. Blood surged into her brain and she had to take deep breaths to ease the giddiness. Her feet scraped the earth on the other side of him. Her breasts bounced in spite of the tight corset that encased them.

Lord Sebastian reached down and toyed with her breasts, bouncing them in his hands and squeezing them between his fingers. She heard him murmur his approval. “These are lovely toy for me to play with and it will be even better when they are not trapped by your clothes.”

Amelia began to slip and grabbed hold of the duke’s boot. He shifted his right leg over hers, anchoring her to his lap.

His hands caressed the firm roundness of her buttocks. “Well, my little treasure, do you understand why I am going to punish you, why you deserve a spanking?”

Amelia gave a brief nod, but when she heard the low rumble of disapproval in the duke’s throat, she quickly answered, “Yes, Your Grace. I was rude to you and I did not obey your instruction.”

“Indeed. I warned you that there would be consequences. There is no excuse for your behavior earlier. You have been brought up well, and you know how to behave with pretty society manners.” His hand roamed to the crease between her buttock cheeks. “I know that you are not unaccustomed to being spanked, so I am not going to go easy on you.”

Amelia twisted her head to look at the duke. “I was never before put over someone’s lap to be spanked! And it’s been a few years since I was last spanked at all,” she retorted.

Sebastian’s eyebrow rose, but humor gleamed in his eyes. “I’m glad to know that I am the first to haul you over a lap, but perhaps if spankings had not been neglected, you would not have forgotten yourself this morning. I am going to give you ten strikes with my hand for not obeying me, and ten lashes with my crop because of your petulance.”

Amelia wriggled as his hands molded the shape of her bum. He raised his hand and brought it down in a sharp thwack right across the middle of her rump.

“Ow!” she cried out at the unexpectedness and intensity of the slap. He was a strong man and did not hold back. Her hands rose to cover her bottom.

“You are to remain still while I deliver your punishment, although you may cry and scream and sob.” He moved her hands back to where they could reach his boots. “Your hands must stay there. Is that clear?”

Amelia settled herself against his body. “Yes, Your Grace.”

“Good.” The duke’s voice was clear and firm although his cock was pulsing steadily in his breeches. “I have always found that a whipping given to a bare bottom is a good aid to memory.” As he spoke, he tugged the material of Amelia’s skirt and petticoat up her legs and bunched it at her waist.

Startled, she half lifted her head and made a sound between a snort and a grunt. The duke paused. “Resume your position. And do not try to resist what I am doing. If you do, I will double your punishment.”

Amelia huffed and dropped her head. She had seen the duke naked that morning, but being exposed to his intense perusal of her private parts was unsettling. His slow, deliberate uncovering of her limbs and arse increased her awareness of how vulnerable she was, arranged over his lap so helplessly.

Every touch of the duke’s hand sent tendrils of heat curling through her body. Her limbs grew soft and limp as Lord Sebastian prepared her for the spanking. Tingles and trembles shivered over every inch of her skin. She bit her lip hard to keep herself from wriggling, to stop herself from arching her hips at him, wantonly urging him to touch her more. She wanted his hand to venture to places she did not even know the names for, but he had told her to stay still and the urge to please him outweighed the desires that were pulsing through her body. She kept as still as she possibly could while his hands worked with her clothes.