☆☆☆☆☆ 5 Stars!


“I know it’s been a long, hard road. But, one day, wee bird, I promise you will fly.”

SWOON ALERT! I have just been swept off my feet by the sweetest, kindest, most chivalrous hero ever! His name is Calum MacDonnell and he stole my heart the very first time he crooned “Pleased to meet you, lass” to the wide eyed heroine in that sexy Scottish brogue of his! Physical attributes aside, what I really loved about Calum was that despite the fact that he is a big bear of a man with a stern demeanor, deep down he is a gentle giant with a soft marshmallow heart! He is strong and powerful, fierce and doting, all at the same time.

Sigh! In short, the PERFECT Dom!

But as much as I adore and worship Calum, and could ooh and ahh endlessly about him, believe it or not, that’s not the ONLY thing I love about this sixth rollicking installment in Rocky Mountain Brides, a steamy, emotionally charged series set in the Wild West that follows the lives of mail order brides and the strong frontier men who take them in hand. This book enchanted me. Moved me. Left me giddy with joy and enraptured me in shivery delight. It made me laugh. Cry. Ache with longing. Blush with pleasure. And sigh in sweet satisfaction. Bottom line? It is my favorite kind of erotic romance because it is not only scintillating but overflowing with EPIC feels!!!!!

When the book opens, Phoebe Wilson, a comely young women “cursed” with a club foot, twisted from birth, is running from a horrific past. She arrives in Royal, Colorado seeking employment after answering an ad for a housekeeper for rugged mountain man Calum MacDonnell. All her life she has been ridiculed and scorned, horribly mistreated by her own family, which left deep psychological scars. She knows no man would want to marry her or bear her children and simply wants to work hard for her employer so she can earn a homestead and a small plot of land to call her own. But her big-hearted new boss has other plans in mind and isn’t about to let the lovely lass resign herself to a life of a lonely spinster. Rather, he aches to wrap her up in his big, comfy arms, dote on, care for and cuddle her, mend his little wee one’s broken wing…and eventually help her fly again.

At first, they are locked in a fierce battle of wills because Phoebe is far too proud to submit to his coddling, his tender ministrations, and especially his firm yet fair discipline when she foolishly puts herself in harm’s way. The last thing she wants is to be pitied, or even worse, a burden. Especially to her ruggedly handsome master who sets her heart on fire and rouses forbidden feelings of love and lust in her wayward heart.

“I’m ugly and you’re beautiful,” she wanted to say. “And the two of us can never be.”

But Calum, a kind, lonesome mountain man who has been living in the shadows until he could take a wife, is determined to get through to her, even if he has to turn her over his knee and spank her soundly to get his point across. Having experienced soul crushing heartbreak of his own, he can’t bear the thought of Phoebe hurting and yearns to make up for all the suffering and injustice she has endured in her young life. And not as her employer but as her husband, her lifelong mate. The moment he first set eyes on her, he knew she was destined to be HIS and had every intention on lavishing his sweet wounded bird with affection beyond her wildest dreams!

“I won’t stop until you have an hour of pleasure for every minute of pain.”

Before she knows it, Phoebe finds herself married to a big, strapping Scotsman and ensconced in his lodge, with a wolf dog no less!. But can he breach her defenses and allow him to stand up for her and protect her, nurture her heart, body and soul, so she would one day fly free again?

ROCKY MOUNTAIN BRIDE is simply divine in every single way! When I first read an enticing snippet of this book, I got all quivery inside and just knew in my heart this story would be special! But NOTHING prepared me for the myriad of ways it would leave me completely and utterly spellbound. This touching romance about love triumphing against all odds in the Wild West is filled with such palpable emotion, gentle tenderness and quiet majesty it literally took my breath away! Through the sheer power of Ms. Savino’s vibrant prose, intricate plotting and deeply drawn characterizations, she crafted an exquisite story about two achingly lonely souls who find sweet solace in each other.

I just fell so HARD for Calum and his “wee Phoebekins” and rooted so desperately for them to perservere! The bond between this couple was so touching and powerfully intimate it literally made my heart ache. I also appreciated that while ROCKY MOUNTAIN WILD had some naughtylicious Age Play elements, it focused more on the sweeter side of loving correction rather than harsh chastisement.. And the aftercare was oh-so-heavenly!! Let me just say this, Calum sure gave the BEST cuddles!! In fact, I was almost jealous of Phoebe, wishing I could climb up on the big Scotsman’s lap and snuggle up against his warm, burly chest.

And while this romance has all the enticing qualities that constitute a RED HOT read, in my opinion, this kind of character-driven love story is a rarity in the erotic market place that is jam packed with many steamy, sex-driven stories that are simply designed to titillate. At its core, ROCKY MOUNTAIN WILD is a story of forever love and unspeakable loss, of hope and sorrow, of mending what’s broken…and learning to fly again. Calum is determined to ease Phoebe’s burden and make her see herself through his adoring eyes. As the most beautiful, sweet and kind lass he’s ever encountered, a woman who is powerful and strong, and deserves to be treasured.

“She’d spent her life cringing in the shadows, hiding away, and it was only in the dark bedroom, lost in the arms of her man, that she felt truly herself.”

Phoebe, in turn, helps Calum heal too from an agonizing loss. She senses a man burdened with a terrible sorrow, “a desperately lonely lost soul who hides a wealth of pain behind his acts of kindness and shadowed grey eyes.” But over time, she gives his life purpose, true meaning, fills his melancholy days with her beautiful, shimmering light. Offers him a miraculous second chance at happiness .

Reading this book was sweet torture. Because even though I wanted to find out what would happen next, I took my time reading it, lingering over each and every page, and marveling at the sheer beauty of Ms. Savino’s gorgeously crafted words, because I just couldn’t bear to say goodbye to these endearing characters!

But, alas, end it finally did, with a FLAWLESS resolution that was packed with drama and excitement and such raw, intense emotion it made my heart soar! If I could give this book a dozen dazzling stars, I would. Yeah, it was THAT good!!! Lee Savino is an author to watch, a bona fide romance book star in the making, and I see a very bright career ahead of her! So as I bid a poignant goodbye to our sweet, swoony Scotsman and his precious wee Phoebe, I take comfort in the fact that hopefully we will get to revisit these beloved characters someday in future installments of ROCKY MOUNTAIN BRIDE!