Blushing Books has reviewed the circumstances surrounding the recent plagiarism allegations against Breanna Hayse and the book, Raven’s Cry, which contained material taken verbatim from Carolyn Faulkner’s work “Blush.”  We wish to clarify that Blushing Books had given Ms. Hayse access to Ms. Faulkner’s unpublished work.   Blushing Books made the decision to not put Ms. Faulkner’s name on the cover based on Ms. Hayse’s statement that “Raven’s Cry” was her own work, with a different storyline.  However, we do bear some responsibility for the matter, as Blushing should have thoroughly compared the two documents before making a final decision.   We wish to apologize publicly to Ms. Faulkner for this oversight.   In addition, we have received no other complaints of plagiarism regarding Ms. Hayse and wish to state for the record that we have no reason to believe that any other of Ms. Hayse’s works are involved in this situation.