I am Lord Henry Sway, second son to a Duke – thankfully.
I have no desire to become Duke, or to follow the rules of society.
I do have a desire to best a childhood enemy, however. Lord Bradford. He is the new Duke of Wolforth, due to his father’s passing. He thinks that, along with all the material possessions and the title, the widowed Duchess, Beatrice, will become his also, regardless that he already has a wife. I think not. I want the beautiful woman for myself.

But danger lurks, disguised as family. Someone is trying to do away with the new Duke, and Beatrice is a suspect. Is she guilty, or just another pawn in the high-risk game of society? Can we solve the mystery together before someone is hurt again? Will our growing feelings hamper our investigation?

Publisher’s Note: This historical romance offers danger, suspense, and mystery. It also contains elements of power exchange, and explicit scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.