CH: I am very pleased to have with me today the heroine of Eclipse, my newest book from Blushing Books to be released as an e-book. Let me introduce AnnamarieEcho586B, a subject of The Dominion, the repressive regime that oversees the former United States about twenty years in the future.

Welcome, Annamarie Mellencamp. I’m sure that you don’t care if I refer to you by your given name.


AM: Not at all, Carl. I have always seethed with resentment ever since I was assigned that other name… I don’t even want to say it.


CH: Was that resentment part of why you joined the Nemesis resistance movement?


AM: That was just one small part of it. Of course, taking away our given name and assigning that strange derivative in its place was just another symbolic manner in which The Dominion government reminded us that we were under their control and at their mercy. However, when agents of The Dominion subjected my brother to injuries from which he would never fully recover, nothing could have been a greater incentive to me to fight them.


CH: How about we discuss one of the pivotal moments in the story? Could you speak to the scene during which you find out that not only is your former lover still alive, but you are to be teamed up with him in a safe house for several weeks?


AM: I have to say, Carl, that surprise encounter did set off quite a chain of events. At the same time, while I must say that we made the most of our time together, I didn’t really appreciate how you toyed with my emotions. In fact, I thought it was more than a little insensitive on your part to have me rekindle those old memories and feelings in the midst of a very dangerous time. It was kind of hard to handle.

To say nothing of poor Martin…the man had to try to keep some very hazardous operations going, while all we wanted to do was stay in the safe house so that I could get my ass frequently and properly paddled and we could fool around. I think you were asking a bit much… of both of us.


CH: I am the author here, so you just listen sweetheart……


AM: Sweetheart? Did you just refer to me as sweetheart? Since you made me up out of thin air, do I have to remind you that, while you may have made me hot and luscious, you made sure that I was a trained operative, and I could take out an old geezer like you in less than ten seconds? And remember, when the story takes place, I will still be a young and sexually adventuresome woman, and you’ll be storing your teeth in a drinking glass every night at bedtime.


CH: Okay… I’m sorry for that. Let’s go on to a little more pleasant subject… I would like for you to comment on the Eclipse virtual-reality device.


AM: Let’s just say… Eclipse and its capabilities are limited only by one’s imagination. I don’t think I should share any more with the readers at this point. But I would imagine that it won’t be long before some readers of Eclipse are searching the Internet for articles on progress being made in the field of virtual-reality development.


CH: Thank you, Annamarie, for stepping outside of my imagination for a few minutes. I hope that you and Martin are still enjoying the manner in which I ended the story.



Eclipse by Carl HamlinEclipse_500x755

In 2025, the former United States is now under
the rule of The Dominion. The dictatorial regime
exercises surveillance and control over the
citizens to the extent possible.
Annamarie Mellencamp, now assigned the name
of AnnamrieEcho586B, is a courier for the
resistance movement called Nemesis. But when
she is sent to stay in a safe house, she
encounters Martin, one of the resistance leaders,
and finds herself taking part in riskier
However, Martin is also her former lover, and
they had gone for years not knowing if the other
was alive. But their romance is rekindled,
including Annamarie’s passion for being spanked,
and when she discovers that Martin possesses
the prototype of a virtual reality training device
known as Eclipse, she is faced with the
opportunity to take her punishment fantasies to a
new level.