Interview with Bethany Leigh


Your new book is called A Cure for All Ills – what is it about?

It’s a short story collection – there are seven short stories featuring six women with a problem and six men who believe a spanking is the answer to it. One of the couples appears twice, which is why there are seven short stories.


Do you have a favourite story in the anthology?

Yes! The title story is the first spanking story I ever wrote. It’s about a young woman whose dieting has got out of control. She meets a hot new boyfriend who loves to cook. He invites her round for a meal but she can’t bring herself to eat his food. I had dieting issues myself when I was Maddie’s age and always wanted someone like Adam to come along to help me take control of my eating and kind of save me from myself. It never happened for me, but Maddie gets luckier!


What problems do the women in the other stories have?

Ginny’s allowed her dog off the lead in an on-lead area – against her husband’s instructions – and now a fine has arrived in the post. Louise is a frustrated spanko from the future who travels illegally back in time to track down the legendary ‘phantom spanker’ Whipping Tom of 1680s London. Caroline has been spanked and seduced after the office Christmas party, then discovers this hot guy already has a girlfriend. Sarah has planned perfect celebrations for her anniversary, but wakes up to find Dan isn’t in their bed but already out in his man-cave. And Ellie has a husband whose love of traditions doesn’t seem to extend to the head of the household role.


What other books have you written?

Freedom, a novella set in an alternate Edwardian universe, was published by Blushing Books in December. That was set in a universe where women were the property of their menfolk and subject to their discipline – the main character, Lady Margia, is fighting for the rights for women to vote and to own property rather than to be men’s property. At Dead of Night, a detective story featuring a PI in a DD relationship, was published by Blushing Books in January.


Which is your favourite of all your heroes?

Adam, without a doubt. He’s very loving and firm as he tries to help Maddie overcome her eating disorder. My first and favourite hero!