An Overdue Understanding by Amity Maree

She’s an investigative reporter. He’s a CIA Chief of Staff. Their wants and needs clash like oil and water.
Shea is very good at her job. The trouble is that it often puts her in danger, which is why her husband left her. She would never listen to reason when he tried to protect her, so now she’s on her own. Her current story involves a crooked contractor, a dishonest building inspector and a serious elevator accident with casualties. They will stop at nothing to keep her from uncovering evidence of their crimes.
Blaze never stopped loving his stubborn little wife, although living with her had nearly driven him crazy with constant worry. The problem was, he still worried about her, but never knew where she was, whom she was with, or when she should be back home safe again. He just can’t stop worrying about her!
If they have any chance of getting back together, though, there are going to have to be some major changes in the rules, and he knows just how to enforce them – with a trip over his knee for a firm, old-fashioned spanking.
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