Blushing Books is excited to announce that new author Sidney Swann has joined a very elite group.   Her new release, “Dangerous Science,” has hit number one in the Steampunk Fiction category on   She joins Maren Smith (with Kaylee’s Keeper) and Carolyn Faulkner (with Kept) as only the third Blushing author to ever hit #1 in a category on Amazon.

Sidney’s accomplishment is all the more impressive because not only is this her first book, but she hit number one less than 12 hours after her book was released.  In fact, she’s still listed as number one on Amazon in Steampunk Hot New releases.   

So what IS “steampunk?”  It’s a curious blend of science fiction and history, usually set in Victorian times.  It’s science fiction as Victorian writers would have envisioned it, filled with gadgets (usually steam- or spring-powered) but also retaining some of the elegance of the era.  And Sidney takes the genre one step further, by adding a very spicy romance plot between the two main characters, scientist Gladys DeWalt and her now-forced mentor, the very stern old-fashioned Sebastian Cromwell.

If you’ve never given a thought to trying a Steampunk story, now’s the time with Sidney Swann’s Dangerous Science.   Check it out HERE on Amazon or HERE on Blushing Books!