Blushing Books is thrilled to announce that long-time author April Hill is joining Blushing Books – in a big way!  April has always been known for her unique blend of wry humor and good old fashioned romantic discipline stories.  She’s best known for long-suffering heroes and heroines that are just one degree short of “brat.”     She’s also known for books that are simply laugh-out-loud funny.

We’re bringing April out with a release of five novels, one short story collection, and next week a promotional holiday volume which will be exclusive to Amazon (but will be offered free on Amazon and those days will be announced on Blushing Books.)  Our first five releases for April are a great blend of what she does best:  a Western story (Vengeance Creek), a medieval story (Falconer’s Prey), two contemporary romances which have mystery elements (Sandcastles and Moonchild) and one historical set in the 1880s.

Give one of April’s books a try!

Update:  We’ve had several emails and comments about April’s books and should clarify something.  April has previously written under two other pennames, Julie Baxter and Judith McClaren.   All of her books will now be released under April Hill.