How much, exactly, does it cost to entice a woman to live in a certifiably spook-ridden haunted house for a month? Or the rest of her life?

April Cassidy comes from a long line of women who were gifted with certain special skills. She has inherited the full measure of psychic abilities that allow her to see beyond the normal world, and she considers that talent a curse. Her uncanny guesses scare people away, and she is resigned to spending her life alone as a freak of nature.

But then she receives a call that changes everything. For the first time, those hated skills will be required for a very lucrative venture.

A lifetime of ignoring her abilities, however, has left her unprepared to deal with the ethereal residents of one of the most spirit intensive homes in the country, but the money on the table is too much for her to resist.

Still, no amount of training could have prepared her for a ghost like John. He is so solid and real that he seems mortal to her at first, though no man from her reality would dare to grab a strange woman and discipline her, as he does at their first meeting.

Dominant and unyielding, John soon makes it clear that he has no intention of departing for the other side and, furthermore, he will be the master of his house, whether April likes it or not.

And April, who has always considered herself a feminist, finds herself falling for him – despite the obstacles on both sides of the veil keeping them apart.