Taren Cavanaugh and her brother, Sam, run the Circle Star Ranch – a working cattle ranch outside of Albuquerque, N.M.

Bruce “The Bruce” McCullough is a well-known actor who could have his choice of any woman on the planet – and most of the men. He came to the Circle Star to learn what modern ranching was like, to prepare for his next movie role.

What he didn’t expect to find was the love of his life, Taren, who set his heart to racing and his blood to boiling, sometimes at the same time, so that he often wasn’t sure whether to spank her or make love to her. The result was sometimes both!

Taren, however, must come face-to-face with the scars of her past before she can even consider that a future with the handsome Scottish actor is a real possibility and not just a fleeting dream.

Publisher’s Disclaimer: A romance, full of passion and discipline.

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