I came up with the title Talk Dirty to Me when I decided my playboy hero owned a Cleaning Service. I pictured his sexy face with the logo, “Talk Dirty to Me,” and how such an advertisement would drive his lover crazy.

My books all feature feisty women who are used to deciding their own futures. Enter so alpha heroes who put limitations on their women and you have a spicy love story. Some of my books deal with the supernatural. In my Spirits of River Oaks series, I love to have my characters deal with the paranormal. But I also love to  create everyday love stories where the reader can fall in love, cheer for the couples involved and have a good laugh. My favorite authors, Stevie MacFarlene, Julie Garwood and Maren Smith make me laugh out loud. I want to do the same for my readers.

Talk Dirty to Me is my favorite of the Katrina’s Aftermath series. Claire is a hot mess. There is no other way to describe her. Her older siblings often bossed her around, so as an adult,  she tried to dominate in all her relationships. Men love her wit and beauty, but her larger than life personality has chased off more than one potential husband. When playboy Jeremy  announces she is exactly the woman he’s been loving for to settle down with, Claire does not get her hopes off. The longer he stays around, the harder she pushes to send him running. She won’t allow another man to break her heart. Jeremy sets the boundaries of their chase. So long as she stays safely inside of them, he’s willing to wait to gain her trust. Then a hacker invades Claire’s blog and all bets are off. Her hero steps in to take control until the threat can be eliminated.

I love Claire’s sass, Jeremy’s confidence, and the inner battle the heroine goes through in her fight not to lose control.


Talk Dirty To Me

Katrina’s Aftermath Book Two

By: Ruby Caine

Welcome to Katrina’s Aftermath, a restaurant started after the disastrous hurricane, a symbol of thededicated people of the region who rebuilt after others predicted it could not be done.

Blogger Claire Langois is impulsive, flighty, and prone to mischief, especially when she gets together with her cousin, Mary Elizabeth, and best friend, Jenny. While men are drawn to Claire’s beauty and lively personality, she always manages to chase them off. After countless breakups and two failed engagements, she is ready to be the one in control of when – and if – she dates anyone else.

Jeremy Schnaydre meets Claire at his brother Everrett’s wedding. For him, it’s love at first sight. Now the reformed playboy just has to convince Claire he has staying power. As owner of Schnaydre Janitorial agency, his slogan is ‘Call Me If You Want to Talk Dirty’. He specializes in cleaning up messes, and this impulsive redhead seems to always find herself in one. He thrives on the challenge, determined to make her his wife no matter what.

When he finds out someone is out to hurt his woman, Jeremy goes into protective mode. Can he protect Claire from someone determined to make her disappear?

Publisher’s note: This book contains elements of domestic discipline and sexual scenes. If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase.

Available on Audible

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