The widowed Duchess of Sailer has desires that are hard to fill in polite society. To that effect, she visits a brothel to have her bottom reddened. If word got out, her reputation would be ruined. So, when a member of society is murdered, and her name turns up in the books he is using to blackmail people, the metropolitan police show up on her doorstep. Olivia does the only thing she can to keep her name from being dragged through the mud: she agrees to take the investigator into her life so she can help him find a killer.

Inspector Rupert McKinley expects to get in and out, and figure out who killed Lord Ethan. He doesn’t care about Olivia’s desires…until he starts to spend time with her, and realizes she’s more interesting than he ever expected her to be. When their business relationship turns into a personal one, Rupert is determined to find the murderer before someone else – like Olivia – is killed.

Is Rupert strong enough to protect Olivia? Will she be able to follow Rupert’s lead to remain safe, or will he have to lay down the law? Is their personal relationship going to blossom or weaken amidst the danger surrounding them?

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