Young love at the lake sounds like fun but add in a few twists and turns and it becomes so much more.

Heartbroken after being abandoned by her first love, Augusta Ackermann is determined to spend the summer at a lakeside cottage. Alone with her misery, Augie expects to pass the months in solitude. Her goals for the summer take an interesting turn after a chance meeting with a handsome and intriguing neighbor.

Rex Grieve, recently graduated from an elite school for the blind and feels a virtual prisoner in his parents’ lavish new lakeside mansion. Rex’s sole escape is his music, but that changes in an instant when he meets Augie.

When Augie impulsively sends Rex a poem expressing her admiration by comparing him to a famous blind character from literature, Rex gently chides her. This chiding turns into a brisk punishment to help Augie atone for her literary sins, and the young couple discover they both enjoy exploring sensual submission and discipline.

However, just as their young love is blossoming, it’s threatened by a predatory neighbor who assumes Rex isn’t capable of coming to Augie’s rescue. Will the strength of the growing bond between Rex and Augie save her from peril and will it give Rex the courage to plot an escape from his domineering parents?

This is book one in the Lakeside Lovers series and has a happily ever after.

Publisher’s Note: This adult romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, danger, adult themes, and sensual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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The unspeakable softness of Augie’s cheek as he brushed hungry lips against it, the surprising strength in her little hands as she gripped his shoulders, the shocking rush of blood in his veins when his hand on her breast elicited a swooning “Oh, yes!” from Augusta—from his Augusta.

From the maelstrom of sensation and desire, one thought solidified for Rex: in this moment Augusta was his and must remain his, if she would have him. A consuming need to possess her overpowered him, an instinct to receive Augie’s willing submission.

“Augie, Augie, you’re driving me mad,” Rex pleaded.

Heedless, Augie trailed her lips down Rex’s throat ‘til the starched collar of his shirt thwarted her progress. Rex heard Augie giggle fiendishly as she undid his collar and then the buttons of his shirt.

“Hmph! An undershirt!” she pouted