“A Spank in Time” is the collaborative effort of an international author’s group writing for Blushing Books under the name Blushing Mischief.

Here at Blushing Books we get lots of submissions from writers who want their solo projects to be published, so when we received a collection of stories from a writers’ collective – a collection of very good stories – it was regarded as a bit unusual.

Unusual or not, the experience has been very rewarding. Spank in Time – an anthological romp through the ages – features hot spankings, hot sex and colorful characters. It’s gotten good reviews, too, and is a labor of love for a group that collaborates on everything from preferences in cover art to deciding on what to call themselves. They chose Blushing Mischief, which is perfect since their stories have a decidedly naughty, witty flair.

From an editor’s standpoint, working with this group has been a delight. Blushing Mischief spokesperson P.J. Perryman – author of the newly released Drench the Wench – consults with the other writers an relays their collective input to the editor for what has been a seamless process. Those who are already delighted with “A Spank in Time,” will be happy to know that Blushing Mischief will soon have another title available on Blushing Books. That book, “The Thrill of the Hunt,” features supernatural stories and will be published later this month.

Recently we interviewed Blushing Mischief to find out what it’s like to collaborate together on a book. We think their answers will be not only interesting to readers, but also to writers who may want to undertake the same type of group project themselves.

Blushing Books: It’s unusual for a publisher to be offered what is essentially a creative collaboration from a group of writers. This was a first for us. You’re a diverse lot. How did you all come together and how did you decide to collaborate on a book? What are your backgrounds?

Blushing Mischief: We’re all members of a writing forum (AbsoluteWrite) and we often hang out in the forum’s chat room together. Each of us has different backgrounds, some in the writing business and others doing regular non-writey jobs.  Some have experience with erotica, (well, writing it – I think we’ve all had a go at the real thing) but we’ve written other genres, like fantasy, horror, mystery, to name a few. One day, PJ Perryman suggested we pool resources and write something hot and steamy, and she set about cherry-picking the best of the best. And here we are!

Blushing Books: It can be a challenge for just one writer to work with an editor. I this case it’s a group with one writer, PJ Perryman, essentially acting as a spokesperson and consulting with the group on everything from the synopsis to the cover art to what to call yourselves. How difficult was this?  What snags did you hit along the way?  Did you encounter any creative differences, and if so how did you resolve them?

Blushing Mischief: The biggest issue we had was the time difference. We have writers in the US, the Netherlands and Portugal, so coordinating meetings proved something of a challenge. The social media platforms helped a lot – and early on team roles were established to keep things on track. This could have been difficult but with so much talent on board it became relatively smooth sailing.

As it was her baby, PJ did the rallying and nudging and came up with a lot of promotional ideas. Oh, and she coordinated stuff like this. AC Masterson is a fabulous editor and took on a lot of the review work (Yay, thank you AC!!!) Jilly Glass is a superb networker and provided moral support to anyone who needed it. AT Quinn has been writing erotica for some time and brought her expert advice and knowledge to the table.  Sadie Dane and Sara Peal joined Blushing Mischief a little later on, but they are both amazing writers – and are fervent supporters of the spanking cause.

Blushing Books: The books you’ve submitted as Blushing Mischief are thematic. Spank in Time was historical while Thrill of the Hunt has a paranormal theme. How did you decide on the themes? 

 Blushing Mischief: That was a group effort. Most of us have a background in fantasy writing, so the paranormal theme was settled quickly. Why the historical theme? Well, is there anything hotter than period spanking?!

 Blushing Books: The idea of a collaborative effort may be appealing to new writers who feel that a solitary book project would be too daunting. For others who may want to follow in the footsteps of Blushing Mischief, what advice can you offer? 

Blushing Mischief: You have to be a group of good friends that are open and honest with each other. One of you guys must be willing to PJ the entire thing (it’s a verb now!). Make sure that all the stories are edited by one person. Find a place to discuss your stories and plans in private.  Avoid spanking other writers in their writey moments.

Blushing Books: Do you believe your group will work together longterm, or do you envision the writers falling away to start solo careers?

Blushing Mishcief: The group Blushing Mischief will stay together for as long as we have readers. We will continue to come up with new, sexy, and exciting stories. That doesn’t mean that some of us won’t have other solo projects, but what we have here is special, and we really hope it lasts. 

Blushing Books: What are you plans for future projects? 

Blushing Mischief: Suggested: A Spank in Time 2 – ‘The Spanks You Missed is coming soon. After that, it’s time for an Angel/Demon themed anthology. At least, that’s AT’s desperate hope. But whatever we do, you can be sure it will be fresh, fun, and above all, spanking hot.