Embracing His Empire
by Sai Marie Johnson


Caecelia of House Servili was born and bred to be a powerful woman with an education and the life of splendor as a senator’s daughter, but when a foreign enemy sieges their estate, killing her family and abducting her, her entire world changes.

Now the captive of a strong and dominant king from the enemy kingdom, she learns truths about her past that will challenge everything she imagined for her future. In the process, will she learn to love the man she was destined to spend her life with?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains adult scenes and a hint of discipline. If this disturbs you, please do not purchase.




“What happened?” I asked as soon as my mind focused on his face.

Xenocrates crossed his arms and sighed with a shake of his head. “You almost got yourself,  and me, killed again. I told you to be cautious as you went about the ship, didn’t I?” he asked me.

I sat up, realizing that I was completely naked, save for the fur he had thrown over my flesh. I knew not what to say to him, but I realized, in that moment, I had an opportunity to begin my inquisition. “I want to know why you keep saving me, if I am nothing but a product of your conquests. I want to know why you keep acting as if I am the most important spoil of this campaign,” I said vehemently.

He slipped down to squat in front of me. “That should be easy enough to figure out, shouldn’t it, Caecelia? You are a beautiful woman, and I am a detestable man. Is that not what you think of me?” he asked.

I peered back at him in confusion and uncertainty. He apparently knew I thought little of him, but I had never spoken such words aloud. “Is that truly why you keep showing me kindnesses and some semblance of humanity, Xenocrates? I cannot fathom how the servant you send to me has admitted that you have treated me better than any other captured prize in your years of owning her,” I stated.

Xenocrates chuckled and slid his hand to rest atop my knee. “Ah, you are a wise little wench, aren’t you? More than I had accredited you for, but your blood runs with such wit, I should know,” he stated.

“I am Daejian. Surely, you know our people are some of the most intelligent of any other country,” I said with an air of arrogance.

“Ah, yes, a Daejian wench, who thinks she is better than all the rest.”

I could tell this aggravated him and that he did not appreciate what I had said. in the least.

“What else could it be, Xenocrates?” I wondered, if I asked the correct questions, if he would give

away what Livania had told me, but I did not want to betray her confidence. The only friend I seemed to have was the Briekian girl, and solitude was not something I wanted to experience again, while in captivity.

“Perhaps it is that I find your mind to be intriguing. What difference does it make, in the end, Caecelia? I am the king, and you are the captured. I do as I wish, and you will do as I bid. I do not have to answer your queries,” he replied.

“First of all, Your Majesty, I am your equal in stationary class and, here, you continue to answer me and speak to me as if I were that equal. You have yet to put me in a collar or chain.

You have kept me from the other men and you enjoy challenging my thoughts. So, I ask you—am I to be your pet, Xenocrates?” I asked.

“No, I do not see you as something meant to be kept for mere stroking, Caecelia. I will not touch you unless you beg for it. Mark my words; you will do so. Every woman I cross, eventually, begs it, and you will be no different.” He winked and stood again.


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Sai Marie is an author, creative writer, and concept creator. She resides in the Great Pacific Northwest where she enjoys the flora, fauna, action and adventure that bred the Pioneer Spirit. With a heart for advocacy, animals, the environment, and great imagination she is sure to capture your attention with something for everyone.
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