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Cover Reveal: Little Daphne by Heather Ambrose

Available August 30th   When Liam Fairfax meets Daphne King through a dating service, he offers her a job as his Little, with the kind of perks and salary she knows she can’t turn down. She goes to live a life of leisure in his beautiful house in the Hollywood Hills. The downside of the job is, she’s required to submit to his strict discipline. Even so, she finds it far more pleasant than she expected… until Liam introduces her to his best friend, Alden Mitchell. Alden and Daphne feel an immediate attraction to each other, but he incurs...

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Coming Soon: Ready to Obey by Melinda Barron

Available August 25th When Maisie Glover is offered a position as a seamstress at a school for girls, she jumps at the chance, not expecting to discover the students are adult women. Her curiosity about the school’s real purpose draws her into a scheme that could leave her in great danger. A former student has returned, with a family heirloom she took from her patron, which she plans on selling to the highest bidder. The school headmaster Aldis Cummings thinks Maisie is involved in the theft. When he realizes she’s innocent, he accepts her aid in figuring out exactly...

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Under His Command by Maddie Taylor (Decadence LA Book 2)

Navy SEAL Commander Flynn Dalton is looking forward to the next chapter in his life. After two decades of active duty, he’s home and ready to put down roots. Though his days are spent training new recruits at Coronado Island, his nights finally belong to him. And there’s only one thing the commander wants to do: search for his perfect submissive. Too bad the woman he wants to claim is too young, too shy, and too damn vanilla.   Systems analyst Cassie Hardwick should have a very busy social life. After all, she works on a naval base surrounded...

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Coming Soon: Her Outlaw Cowboys by Asha Daniels

Available August 24th Can three dangerous outlaws find love and solace in the arms of one woman? Wanted: Social Director. Come to the Wild West where you’ll find romance and the adventure of a lifetime. For Georgia, a teacher from North Carolina, working on a dude ranch is exactly the change in her life she’s been looking for. Jilted by a younger lover, she’s more than ready for something new, but passion is definitely off the menu. And so, she lies in order to obtain the job. When she meets three sexy, rugged, opinionated, and very arrogant cowboys, all...

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All is Right with the World by Carolyn Faulkner

At first, Rye considered Audra to be an impediment to his goal of getting his family ranch back on its feet. Her uncle owned a strip of land he desperately needed in order to claim the water rights that would allow him to continue the generations old legacy he’d inherited from his father. To Audra, the house she’d inherited from her uncle represented a fresh start – for her and for her small family, far away from the bad memories of sickness and death they’d left behind in New England. All Rye had to do was wait them out...

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