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Claimed by Rayanna Jamison (Vegas Nights Book 2) and Collared (Vegas Nights Book 1) is FREE

Claimed by Rayanna Jamison Vegas Nights Book 2   For a Hollywood heiress, Ruby Barrett has always lived a somewhat unsensational life. Her talent combined with her name had gotten her a good job, and she is engaged to marry the only boyfriend she has ever had. Her life is good – good enough to be some people’s dream, but she finds herself wanting more. When she gets the opportunity to spend her twenty-fifth birthday at Rojo, a destination BDSM resort in Las Vegas, she knows she can’t pass up the opportunity – even if it means leaving her...

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Audiobook: Talk Dirty To Me by Ruby Caine (Katrina’s Aftermath Book 2)

I came up with the title Talk Dirty to Me when I decided my playboy hero owned a Cleaning Service. I pictured his sexy face with the logo, “Talk Dirty to Me,” and how such an advertisement would drive his lover crazy. My books all feature feisty women who are used to deciding their own futures. Enter so alpha heroes who put limitations on their women and you have a spicy love story. Some of my books deal with the supernatural. In my Spirits of River Oaks series, I love to have my characters deal with the paranormal. But...

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Amanda’s Wolf by Char Cauley

This is the love story of Wolf, a powerful laird, and Amanda, the king’s goddaughter. They are to marry, as ordered by the king, to ensure peace between the Crown and some of the strongest clans in Ireland. Amanda is a gifted healer. Wolf has his hands full with his little determined wife. She constantly disobeys his order not to go out without her guards. She constantly puts herself in danger to save others, and that he will not tolerate. He has fallen deeply in love with his wife and knows others would use her to hurt the king or himself. Someone is also ambushing and killing his...

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Audiobook: Cinderella’s Lawman by Pippa Greathouse (The Strasburg Chronicles Book 3)

Feisty little schoolteacher, Cinderella Barton, is quite tired of Deputy Henson Andrews telling her what to do. She came to Strasburg to take her first teaching position, and he begins lecturing her the first week, despite her efforts to ignore him. She moves from one boarding home to another, and at the end of the school year, she is forced to move into “Lady Angelica’s Home Away from Home for Ladies” in the middle of the night for safety. Once there, she finally feels safe for the first time in months. Henson becomes more and more determined that she...

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Meeting Her Needs and Kissing Kelli by Alyssa Bailey (The O’Connors: Kelli)

  Meeting Her Needs by Alyssa Bailey Kelli O’Connor Book One   Kelli doesn’t trust her choices with men, but Parker Jamison heats her blood like no other. Kelli O’Connor learned long ago to stay away from domineering men like the males in her family. While trying to refocus her rudderless life, she meets Parker Jamison, Chief Deputy Sheriff.  He is hot on every level but he represents everything she’s been running from – and yet she can’t get enough of him. Even though their lives are so different, walking away from him is unimaginable. Compromise, however, has never...

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