I had way to many options for B’s so I decided to share them all.


Some of these names may be very familiar to you, while others may not.

I’m going to start with the ever famous Bethany Burke. I remember a few posts back (Valentine’s 2014) when a group of authors shared the sweetest things about Bethany Burke.

Maren Smith said:

I’ve been one of Bethany’s authors for a long time now and I can honestly say, one of her sweetest qualities (and she has many) is how quick she is to work with you when, say—hypothetically, mind you—a certain author (who shall remain nameless) exceeds both the intended word count and the deadline for when a certain Valentine’s themed story (which shall also remain nameless) was supposed to be submitted.


Robin Smith said:

She smells like cookies. I met her at last year’s RT Convention and I don’t know, she must have wearing some vanilla-scented lotion. It was hard not to just sit there and sniff her.


Dinah Mcleod said:

Bethany is someone who seems to genuinely care about her authors. You don’t run into that a whole lot, so I really appreciate that about her.

Patty Devlin said:

Ahh, Bethany… Bethany is the epitome of patience. I’m sure she probably receives at least 4 emails a week from each of us-some hundred- crazy in the head authors, and never once does she seem to lose her patience. Even when I know I’m being a PIA, she gently reassures me I’m not. Crowns in heaven for that woman. I’m sure she never sleeps, with all of us little ducklings trying to fit under her wing…


Maddie Taylor said:

Bethany and Blushing, the authors use BB interchangably, are we talking about Bethany or the publishing company? It always makes me laugh, it’s like they are one and the same. Anyway the sweetest thing about BB is that they took a chance with my Captain My Captain almost 1 year ago (woohoo, happy anniversary to me soon). I had been rejected by 4 other e-pubs and not always very nicely, but I found a home with BB. Here I stand 8 books and 2 boxed sets later with a great big sweet smile on my face.


I think Maddie summed it up the best. Bethany Burke is the sweetest person I’ve ever met. How about you? Share any sweet, or kind feelings you have of Bethany below.


Now, Bella Bryce.

Bella Bryce is a darling, but I’m sure you are all aware of that. She is the author of 4 (and one on the way) best selling Waldorf Manor books: The Solicitation, The ShortlistThe Courting, and The Glass House. Check them out today if you havent’ already. Here is a snippet from Unfailing Love scheduled for publication on June 25th.


“Why can’t I come?” Alice whined.

            Brayden reached for his tie and laid it around his shoulders.  “Go back into the corridor, enter my bedroom properly and rephrase your question, please.”  He didn’t even make eye contact as he stood in front of the full-length mirror.  It was of enormous benefit to Alice, who rolled her eyes as she dragged herself out of Brayden’s room and waited in the corridor.  She rolled her eyes again as she knocked on the open wooden door. 

            “Fattthhhherrrr?” she masked the whine this time. 

            “Yes, Darling?”  He continued straightening his tie after knotting it. 

            “May I come in?”

            “You may.”  Brayden put on his waistcoat and buttoned it as she walked into the bedroom and planted herself on the tufted leather bench at the end of his four-poster bed.  The pleats of her red skirt sat sweetly on the contrasting paleness of her fair skin, although her posture was hunched in the disagreement position. 

            “I don’t question your wisdom in the fact that I will be more productive staying behind today, father, but I reeeeaallly want to come with you to see Miss Greyson.”  Her rephrasing didn’t quite resist the plainness of her point. 

            “I’m going into the office for several hours, darling, and it isn’t to see Miss Greyson.  You need to be properly looked after and that can’t happen when I’m in meetings for most of the day.  You have your reading and piano to be getting on with.  Uncle Bennett will be supervising your practice today.”

            Alice moaned and crumpled her body down onto the bench.  “He always supervises.  One day, Father, I will be old and grey and alone and you will miss me.  You’ll wish I came with you to the office.”

            He faced his daughter, now fully dressed in his waistcoat, shirt and trousers.  The suit jacket remained on the brass valet stand nearby like a silhouette without a body.  “You will never be alone, Alice.  Sit up properly.”

            “You don’t know that.  Just because you and Uncle Bennett found love doesn’t mean that I will.”  She dragged herself up into a sitting position. 

            Brayden raised his eyebrows, not because he was cross but because he was surprised.  “I think this is another conversation for another time.  Another time when you are old enough.”

            “We don’t need to speak about it because I’m not getting married.  No one finds me amusing except you, Father.” 

            “I apologise if that’s disappointing to you, Darling.”  He reached for his suit jacket.  “Uncle Damian finds you amusing.”

            “He’s never here so he doesn’t count.”

            “Alice,” he warned, as he buttoned the jacket.  “Do not speak ill of your uncle.”

            “I’m not speaking ill.  I’m just saying.”

            Wellesley walked into the bedroom as if on perfect cue.  Without interrupting the exchange between father and daughter he stood behind Brayden and brushed the back of his suit.  “You are very close to the line.  I suggest you put a halt to the back chat.”

            Alice dramatically folded back down onto the tufted bench.  “No one understands me,” she lamented. 

            “I understand that you are going the right way for a smacked bottom.  Sit up, Alice.  I won’t say it again.”

She growled in reply as she sat up.  “Yes but I’m twelve now.  I don’t need looking after.”

Wellesly and Brayden met eyes in the mirror but there were no words spoken as the butler simply stepped aside and stood at attention.  Brayden turned and walked to the tufted bench where Alice sat and he signaled for her to stand. 

“When I say I don’t wish to hear backchat I mean it.  I shan’t repeat myself, young lady.”  Brayden sat down and pulled her across his lap.  “It’s to have to send you to Barton-Court with a sore bottom because you can’t obey me.”  Alice made a face at the floor as he told her off.  She wanted to say she could obey but it wasn’t convenient for her to do so when she had a point to make. 

“I only wanted to see Miss Greyson,” she pouted at the onset of the smacking.  Brayden gave her a dozen hard whacks.  She didn’t need a serious thrashing, just a reminder that his orders were serious.  He replaced her knickers and dress and put her to her feet. 

“Miss Greyson understands.  She would have let me come,” her face was crumpled into a displeased frown.

“I’m sure that’s just it.  You’re excused,” he said with a nod toward his bedroom door.  Alice marched out of the room ensuring she didn’t stomp her feet.  Brayden looked over his shoulder at Wellesley. 

            “Apparently, no one understands her but in the next breath, Miss Greyson does.”  Wellesley carried on brushing the back of Brayden’s suit.  “I don’t remember having those kinds of moods at her age.” 

            “You don’t, Sir,” Wellesley cleared his throat, “but I do.”   


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Beth Bennet is a new author to Blushing Books and a fantastic addition at that. I’ve gotten a peek at a few of her books, Cabin Fever, Wedded Captive and the snippet I’m sharing is from her title: Under the Strawberry Moon.


Kelly thought she heard a small voice. She looked closer at the bug. He had grown a mouth and tiny beady eyes stared warily back at her. The bug waved its little arms in warning. Unexpectedly, the sky grew dark overhead and the clouds blocked out the sun. Kelly looked up and to her surprise a full moon appeared. The moon glowed a faint pink as dashes of black and gray clouds swirled around it. Kelly had the sensation of falling, falling from a million miles away. Her body gave a jerk and she awakened suddenly to find herself lying on the ground in a strawberry field in Montana. Sitting up quickly, she glanced around. What a weird dream! She couldn’t have been asleep for long, because there was Aunt Emma, continuing her trek down the endless strawberry row. Kelly quickly got back to work, hoping no one had seen her.

Emma and Kelly had hit the strawberry mother lode. Their baskets were full, and it was time to go home. As the truck bumped and rattled, Kelly gave a groan. “I can’t eat a thing for lunch, Aunt Emma. My stomach’s so full of strawberries I think I’m going to pop.”

Shifting gears, Emma laughed. “Maybe you should have paid for two extra quarts.” When they arrived at Canyon Gulch, Kelly rolled out of the truck like the fat strawberries she was full of. “You go on down and see the colts, Kelly, I’ll take the strawberries in.” Kelly was thankful for that. She didn’t’ think she could make it to the house. Holding her stomach, she walked down to the paddock. She felt like she was going to turn into a strawberry.