Cherry is surprised when Chad walks into her bakery with a smile on his face and without a care in the world. How dare he! It had taken a lot of courage to give him her number, and then he’d never used it. Sure, he has a plausible explanation and he’s delicious to look at, but does she really want to take a chance?

Chadwick Fenton has been around his share of slightly wild women. Guarding Rebecca Kord and meeting the O’Malley clan was interesting, to say the least. Hunting down Susan Shaughnessy, the runaway bride, was another case he will never forget. There was just something about redheads, and the one who slipped her number into his pocket had been on his mind for weeks. Yes, he was going back to see if Cherry Calhoun was as gorgeous as he remembered. He certainly wasn’t expecting the angry reception he receives.

Who knew the pretty baker had a spitfire temper? Well, he knows a thing or two about managing ladies who can’t control themselves. He is certainly looking forward to the challenge.

Come visit with the mischievous women of the O’Malley clan and past clients of Sugar Babies, Inc. This standalone is certain to be a wild ride.


A silent tear slipped from her eye as she studied him now in the pale light of dawn. Maybe, just maybe he was the one. Maybe all the truths she’d told herself for the last ten years weren’t true after all. Maybe there was a man out there made just for her, someone who would love her and accept her with all her flaws and imperfections and maybe she’d somehow miraculously found him.

Gently she ran her fingers through his hair, brushing it off his forehead. Chad sighed. Cherry smiled. He truly was amazing, so strong and firm in some ways yet incredibly tender in others. She could feel the tight bands she kept around her heart expanding, feel her resolve slipping. So he was a spanker, a definite drawback, but he was so many other wonderful things. Did she dare trust him not to break her heart and hurt her beyond repair or redemption?

Slowly she trailed her fingers, red-nailed digits over his skin, skimming his neck and tracing one strong arm.

“Lady, this is a hell of a way to wake up,” he decreed, grasping her hand and kissing the palm. “I could get used to this,” he whispered as his eyes opened.

He stared into hers. There did not appear to be an ounce of deception in his manner. Was Chadwick Fenton, private investigator, bossy semi-friend, lover extraordinaire the genuine article? She sighed and moved closer. His arms closed around her gathering her to him. His tender hold felt wonderful.

“You smell like vanilla,” he murmured, burying his nose in her neck.

“Occupational hazard,” she replied softly moaning as his lips nibbled on her delicate skin.

“Yum, don’t ever lose it. You’re already tempting but that scent makes me want to eat you up.”

“What’s stopping you?”

Chad lifted his head and grinned.

“Not a damn thing,” he offered with a slight growl.

Cherry melted against him like hot butter. She was going to be late opening the shop.

Author Bio:

Best-Selling author Stevie MacFarlane has been writing in her spare time for more than twenty years.  It wasn’t until 2012 that she decided to submit some of her work to Blushing Books.  Since then she has been a nominated for several awards and has frequently hit Amazon’s list of Most Popular Erotic/BDSM authors. While most of her stories are on the sweet side, she never fails to add just enough kink and humor to keep her loyal fans clamoring for more.  She loves hearing from readers and you can write to her at