When feisty women are seduced by charming, bossy men, they soon discover the pain and pleasure of tough love. Six steamy full-length novels. Four sexy couples.

Included in this collection is: Simon Says, Winning Sadie, Sadie Says I Do, Seeing Ronnie, Holding Cynthia, and Trusting Ingrid.

Books 1-3 (Simon Says, Winning Sadie, and Sadie Says I Do): With close friends, a lovely condo, and an amazing shoe collection, Sadie Donohue is happy with life. Just don’t ask about the unpaid balances on her credit cards. When billionaire Simon Jacobson moves in, she soon learns more than how to balance her check book. Yes, they are from different worlds, but Simon insists that doesn’t matter. She may want to fix the world, but he intends to rule it, starting with her.

Book 4 (Seeing Ronnie): Celebrity blogger Ronnie Flynn wants something only Del Franklin can give her. Del says she can have it, but conditions apply. Ronnie agrees. The minute he is out of sight, she breaks her word. When he takes her home that night, Del gives her an old-fashioned lesson in honorable, ladylike behavior. Too bad for Ronnie that she is a slow learner.

Book 5 (Holding Cynthia): Recent retiree Cynthia Donohue has just moved to the west coast. Chronic fatigue and joint pain is making her antisocial. Even though she likes Antony Jacobson, her son-in-law’s wealthy uncle, she pushes him away. Or tries to. Antony intends to be the boss in their relationship. She baulks at his domineering ways. A trip over his knee, followed by loving aftercare, challenges her long held feminist principles.

Book 6 (Trusting Ingrid): Ingrid Nickel grew up lawless and streetwise. She trusts no one. Her mother was a grifter who shaped Ingrid’s hyper independence. When Ingrid meets Lachlan Morrison, a man who isn’t fooled by her bluster and bluff, it’s game on. He sees someone who is badly broken. All she needs is a firm and loving hand. Ingrid doesn’t want to be rescued. But she kind of likes the way Lachlan’s strict discipline is sweetened by masterful lovemaking.

Disclaimer: The books in this boxset are intended for adults only. They include power exchanges, spanking, and other sexual activities which are fantasies only.

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