The sins of the masses shall become your own…

Monsters did exist. This, Suzie Blevins, knew without question. Called on to defend a man who’d cut his wife into bits of flesh and bone is way out of her league. The horrific scene meshes with her nightmares, ugly visions of death and gore plaguing her every night. A mysterious man calls to her, the connection one of electricity as well as knowing. Reincarnation. Was it possible she’d lived before?

Dr. Forrest Collingsworth is a well-respected psychiatrist, his work with serial killers is known across the country. He’s also a madman, succumbing to a curse he’s fought for centuries. He is well-aware he’s lived before, perfecting his methods of murder as well as attempting to locate the beautiful woman lost in an ugly battle, her spell destroying lives. She could be their only salvation to keep their souls from an eternity of fire.

Daniel Lungren has been on the search for his adversary since the battle of 1492, one lost to a love standing the test of time. An angry and bitter soldier, he forges on as he has for centuries, thwarting the cataclysm of Hell. His destiny can only be fulfilled when he’s found the Prince he was required to kill so many lifetimes ago.

A battle is raging in the streets of a small town in Delaware, a product of a disease woven from a promise of love in a time when a King ruled with a demonic hand. Three souls are intertwined, required to live out several lives while those around them are massacred. This time, only one can survive. This time, the curse must be eradicated in order to save humanity.

Can they end the darkness?

Out of the darkness shall come the light…

Publisher’s Note: This suspenseful, dark story is intended for adults only. It contains elements of paranormal activity, graphic violence, suspense, betrayal, and lovers who are trying to find peace together through the centuries. If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase.