Becoming Family by PK Corey

Cal’s Law Book Two

Jenny and Cal are together and happy. Though they share a deep connection, they have very different ideas of what makes a family. Jenny’s is small, cold, unwelcoming. Meeting Cal’s sprawling, loud, loving mass of sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, aunts, and uncles poses a unique challenge. She protects herself against her domineering mother, keeping her at arm’s length.

Cal keeps his parents and extended family close. They are like one big, living, breathing hug. His challenge: to get Jenny to her first Bennet barbeque. Her love for him, and a bit of over the knee encouragement, drives her to agree to meet the Bennets. She learns that not all families are created equal.

Heartened by her reaction, Cal is excited to finally meet Jenny’s parents. Despite her warnings, he remains steadfast – all families are loving and kind. Mothers love their daughters; fathers protect their children. The dinner they share in her childhood home teaches him things he wishes he never had to learn.

Jenny’s mother has planned a future for her daughter that does not include someone as ordinary as Cal Bennet. What good could this small town hick with no money and no connections do her? How far will she go to see that her wishes become reality? Will these two lovers come to an understanding of what their family will look like?

Publisher’s Note: This story contains elements of domestic discipline and explicit sexual encounters.



Cal’s Law by PK Corey

Jenny is the typical rich-kid, sorority girl. Getting good grades isn’t high on her priority list. In fact, that sits well below getting into the secret faction of her sorority. To do that she must pull off a daring bit of mischief.

Cal Bennet is the town sheriff. He’s a relatively young, no-nonsense kind of guy – with a heart of gold. He is the moral center of this small town in North Carolina. But when his and Jenny’s paths cross unexpectedly, things get complicated and he questions his morals and his heart.

His plan to save Jenny from herself by enforcing strict discipline seems like a sound one. To both of them. At first. He enacts a touch of martial law and Jenny agrees to learn more than English Lit. Cooking, cleaning, and laundry are but a few of her new subjects. Along with time-management, telling the truth, and doing homework. Breaking any one in this new set of rules will result in a sound spanking. It all sounds simple enough when she signs on the dotted line of the contract between her and the sheriff.

But life is messy, and she is faced with one tough decision after another. She’s a college student! Shouldn’t life be easier than this? Less complicated? Jenny finds herself being pulled in two directions: her moral, upstanding sheriff leads her down one path, and a cute frat boy leads her down another. In one direction lies maturity, and a future. In the other, the simplicity of being a rich kid in college where Mommy and Daddy pay for everything. Now she must choose: Will she continue to let her parents pay for it all, or will she learn to pay the price for her own actions?

Publisher’s note: This love story is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, and sexual scenes.