From a peeping tom neighbor, to a safety-careless wife, to a delinquent physical therapy patient, this short story collection showcases various scenarios of domestic discipline and other M/F power exchanges. If you harbor a secret fantasy, these stories are for you. 


Publisher’s Note: This anthology contains power exchange scenes as well as some graphic scenes.  





“How long have you been watching me, Molly?” Dylan asked as he traced her tenderized flesh with the very tips of his fingers. She shivered with the sensations, and hesitated in her answer. “I only noticed you about a week ago,” he went on when she remained quiet. “But I didn’t know how to go about confronting you about it until I got your package by mistake and opened it.” When she still didn’t answer, he gave her a sharp smack and asked again, “How long, Molly?”

“Since the day you moved in,” she whispered, her face burning in shame.

There was a stunned silence.

“I tried to make myself stop, especially after we became friends, Dylan, I really did,” Molly added quickly, talking fast as she felt him shift his weight to grab up the paddle again. The leather snapped down on her bottom with a furious sound and she hissed at the sting of it. “I hated myself for doing it, but I…” another stroke fell and the breath momentarily left her. She panted over his knee as another swat fell, and another. Finally, she forced out the rest of her defense, pitiful though it was. “I… I had a crush on you, I guess. I couldn’t help watching you, even just watching you read a book. I looked forward to it every day. I’m so sorry! I wish I hadn’t done it!!”

For a time there were only the sounds of the leather snapping against her naked bottom and of Molly’s tears. Finally, the spanking slowed, and finally came to a stop. Dylan still held Molly’s body over his knees, tucked inside of one strong arm and snuggled against his chest. She sniffled and tried to compose herself while she waited.

One last fiery smack crashed down and she gasped.

“I’ve lived in that house nearly four weeks now,” Dylan said. “I ought to spank you once a day for that long just to even the score.”