A short collection of historical stories for lovers of saucy heroines and stern heroes!
Enjoy Easter Ball Prank, where Phoebe is determined to win the Easter egg competition by means of foul play, and when the handsome Anthony Darwyn overhears her plotting with her friend, he warns her to behave. Phoebe chooses to ignore him and he immediately makes good on his warning to punish her. Why does he attract her so?
The Taming of a Brat finds Maria’s father falling ill. Maria must go and stay with his friend, Archibald Kennedy, who lives nearby with his older sister. Maria has never seen eye to eye with Mr. Kennedy, and living under the same roof will prove to be a challenge. When she flouts his rules, she learns that he isn’t as easy to manipulate as her father and she receives his own kind of discipline… and more.
In Smuggler’s Hideaway, Lieutenant Jeremy Hawker knows that the local church is somehow involved in smuggling, yet can find no proof. When he sets eyes on Anne Rawlings and her brother, Fyn, he instantly knows by their furtive exchanges that they’re involved, and sets out to watch them day and night. But although Anne is innocent, her brother is not. Whilst trying to keep her errant brother from capture, Anne finds herself in trouble with Jeremy, in more ways than one!
Read these and other stories where wayward brats find handsome men to tame their naughty ways.
Publisher’s Note: Sweet, historical short stories, featuring romance and discipline. If the disciplining of an adult female bothers you, please do not read this collection.