Is it too late for Sadie to avoid her fate?

Forced into a marriage arranged by the orphanage where she lived, Sadie escapes the clutches of an abusive older man: her betrothed. She needs to stay hidden, where no one knows her or cares that she has broken the law.

Dr. Elliott Larkin is still reeling over the loss of his young family. His brother in Big Rock has convinced him to come back home to visit, and he decides a change would do him good. Who would have thought a mine collapse on the outskirts of town would be just what the doctor ordered?

How will Sadie avoid the hangman’s noose? How will Elliott heal the wounds from his shattered past? If you like spicy, fast-paced tales from the Old West with delightful characters to root for, then you’ll love this fourth book in the Big Rock Romance series. Pack your bags and head to Big Rock, where you’ll find humor, mystery, suspense, love, villains, heroes, and one determined man hell-bent on capturing the heart of one uncooperative woman.

Publisher’s Note: This sweet yet steamy Old West romance contains action and adventure, and elements of power exchange.


“I think we need to find a spot for this.” With a gleam in his eye, he pulled out the paddle.

“Oh, yes, do let me find a place,” Sadie teased. “I’ll just put it away for safekeeping.”

“No, I don’t think so. I think it should stay out in the open. It should occupy a place of honor. Maybe on top of the dresser. Or I can drill a hole in the handle and attach a tie, so we can hang it on the wall.”

Sadie sidled over to him with a playful look. “We don’t even need that thing.” She took his right hand in hers and turned it palm up, rubbing it. “Why, what’s this hand going to think if you reach for that paddle? You know how it’s itching to get to work, begging you for a chance at my backside.”

“Darlin’, they aren’t mutually exclusive. That hand, as much as it wants to be put to use, gets tired after a while. The time will come when this hand will beg me to get that paddle. And you know how hard I find it to tell my hand no.”

“Well, honey, you just need to learn to say no. To everyone but me, that is.”

“And why do I think you need to hear ‘no’ the most?”

“I just don’t know. Maybe you don’t know me as well as you think you do.”

He pulled her roughly into his arms, surprising her. “Oh, darlin’, I know you better than you know yourself.” His kiss was rough and thorough.

“Oh my… you might be right about that.”