Do we have a surprise for you!  Everyone likes surprises at Christmas, right?  And this year Blushing Books has a wonderful surprise for all of our customers and friends.   Not one, not two, not three… but twelve free stories.    That’s right, TWELVE free stories.  All exclusive to Blushing Books!  And these are not short stories; each is a novella length book, at least 10,000 words each.

What’s the catch? you ask. What do I have to buy? The answer is: nothing.  All twelve of these new, exclusive stories are absolutely free. There is one catch, though. Each one of these stories is only going to be free for ONE DAY!  Beginning at 9pm on Sunday, December 6th, each book will be free for 24 hours. Then, the next day at approximately 9pm, the free story will change.

Once the twelve days is over, the twelve novellas will be combined into a box set, and released to Amazon and elsewhere for $9.99.  Starting with “A Captain for Christmas” by Louise Taylor this evening, these are twelve tales of the holidays you won’t want to miss.

And if TWELVE free novellas were not enough to get you in a holiday mood, how about this? At the end of the twelve days you’ll have the opportunity to win a Kindle Fire. Here’s how it works: Each book will be free for approximately 24 hours, and you’ll need to download each book while you have the opportunity. After the final book is posted, we’ll post a questionnaire, featuring a question from each one of the books. It will be an easy question to answer if you’ve downloaded the book. The contest questionnaire will be available for approximately 72 hours, at which point a winner will be randomly selected from all the questionnaires that are 100% correct.

So don’t miss a download and watch the newsletter for information about where and when to log in to fill out your contest entry!




A Captain for Christmas by Louise Taylor

Lady Serena Olston has spent the last ten years carefully rebuilding her reputation after an incident at a Christmas party ruined her in polite society. Just as she is about to be accepted by London society once more, the man who abandoned her reappears and greets her as if nothing had ever happened between them.
Hurling mulled wine, including the cup that contained it, at a decorated war hero does nothing to help her reclaim her reputation, and Serena returns to her family’s empty London home, furious with both Captain Jonathan Luttrell and herself. A huge snowstorm is looming over London, threatening to trap Serena there, just as Captain Luttrell comes knocking at the door, determined to get to the bottom of their problems once and for all. Once he’s dealt with the issue of his ruined uniform, that is…