If you’re looking for a great place to discuss spanking fiction, non-fiction or spanking in general then the Blushing Books Spanking Fiction & Non-Fiction Forum is for you.
Facebook is really such a great way to network, and we’re so excited to have now created a interactive forum where our readers and writers can get together and discuss plots, upcoming books and other topics. But you don’t have to be a customer or Blushing author to participate. Even if you’re simply an aspiring author hoping to break in or a reader who loves spanking fiction, or a spanking blogger who wants to get the word out about what you’re doing then you are more than welcome to join.
The group is run by several kindly administrators who try to keep the conversation moving with daily topics. And keep your eyes peeled in the forum for special Facebook-only offers that will include codes for discounts on Blushing Books titles.