Blushing Books’ titles continue to do very well on Amazon top 100 lists, particularly in the Victorian genre.   Check out these titles, all of which are available on both Amazon and Blushing Books.  (Note:  All links in this post lead to the Amazon listing.)

We’re also doubly proud of our authors because, first, TWO of the books on this list hit number one in their respective genres at one point (Sidney Swann’s Dangerous Science in Steampunk and Arabella Kingsley’s Kidnapped and Bound in Victorian.)  This is a HUGE accomplishment;  only four books published by Blushing Books have ever hit number one, and to have two in one week is quite amazing.  And second, three of the authors on this list are publishing their first books with Blushing:  Sidney Swann, Victoria Winters, and Kaitlin Summer.  All in all a very good week for our Blushing Books’ titles and authors!

Leading our list this week is:

Pleasing Him by Victoria Winters (#23 in Victorian Romance, #31 in Regency)

Other titles on our top 100 list include:

Kidnapped and Bound by Arabella Kingsley (#27 in Victorian Romance)
Vow to Submit by Kaitlin Summer (#30 in Christian Romance)
Dangerous Science by Sidney Swann (#32 in Steampunk)
Sweet Sinclair by Maren Smith (#55 in Collections)
Taming the Wilde by Loki Renard (#59 in Historical British Fiction)
Master My Love by Maddie Taylor (#74 in Collections)
Journey’s Valentine by Patricia Green (#97 in Genre Fiction > Holidays)
Lucy Surrenders by Maggie Ryan (#98 in in Victorian Romance)
A Guardian’s Secret by Anne Randolph (#99 in Victorian Romance)