Can a bounty hunter and assassin find love among danger?

Coraline Santos has just lost a bounty. Not just any bounty, but a fifty-grand bounty… and she didn’t really lose him, he was taken from her. Assassinated by The Company’s best, ocean-blue-eyed hitman Asher Clinton, before she could nab him alive. As far as Cora is concerned this means Asher owes her, and she intends to collect.

Striking a deal, assassin and bounty hunter team up to bring some of Miami’s worst to justice, though The Company that holds Asher beneath their thumb, bound by the chains of fate, don’t appreciate sharing their most lethal assassin. Especially when budding love makes him grow a conscience.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, action, adventure, sensual scenes and mild power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.


“Yes,” he whispered against her lips. “A job well done.” He drew her into him again, his fingers slipping through her hair. “You were so sexy.”

He didn’t spend any time coaxing her to climax, he took her this time. He pushed her up against the warehouse wall, she gasped as her back hit the metal and she felt him hard and ready between her thighs. 

He hiked up her skirt with his rough, insistent fingers, pushing past her panties and breathing in her cries of ecstasy as those fingers entered her. He watched her eyes glaze, reaching up with his other hand he brushed over her breasts and she shuddered against him. She spread her legs farther to him as he pulled her top down and seized her newly exposed caramel skin between his fingers then his lips.

Her nails clawed into his shoulder and the back of his neck as both of his palms spread over her with care, but also with ravishing need. Her hands bunched his shirt into her fingers, reaching down finally with a need to match his and clawed at his belt. He didn’t offer his aid, just kept stroking her internally and externally until she finally got him free and held him firmly in her palm. 

“I want you,” she breathed into his parted lips where he somehow gasped as much as she did. “Now.”

His eyes jumped back and forth between hers before he lifted her completely into his strong arms and smashed her against the warehouse wall. For a moment their noses rested against each other, eyes searching one another with a strong and insistent heat before she slid down on him and he entered her, pressing her against the wall as he nestled possessively between her spread thighs. Instantly her legs slackened around him.

She moaned as he stayed still for a moment, allowing her time to adjust before he started working inside her. His hand gripped the back of her neck to hold her close while the other held her hips steady. His fingers dug into her thigh, working his hips and thrusting hard inside her until her breasts which fit perfectly in his palms jumped just as he liked. 

She cried out with each stroke, his lips moving down her throat, feeling the vibrations of her ragged breaths against his mouth. “You were pretty amazing yourself,” she breathed, chuckling against his cheek. “Breaking his finger was inspired.”

He smirked against her skin. “I didn’t break his finger. I sprained it.”

She laughed wholeheartedly, holding him close and feeling the muscles of his back as he pressed inside her over and over and over again. The need coiled within, desire and longing fulfilled as his shaft pierced her deep. “Asher…” she breathed in one long, deep breath before her head lolled back and her body spasmed against him.

He pulled her head forward again, pressing his forehead against hers as she came. Her eyes, those beautiful, deep hazel eyes focused on him though they were glazed with pleasure as he slammed inside her one final time before he too went over the edge with her. He moaned into her mouth and drew back once they had both finished, their bodies reduced to mush.

He had to support her a moment until she’d found her balance, her skirt falling back around her thighs. She laid her forehead against his warm shoulder as he righted his belt then helped her pull her tank-top back around those perky breasts of hers.

Bound By Chains: Couple’s Interview

“Today we are interviewing Asher and Cora, hero and heroine of Bound by Chains written by Bethany Bliss. Tell me, how did you two meet?”

      Asher and Cora exchanged glances, Asher proclaiming: “That’s classified,” at the same moment Cora grumbled: “He stole my bounty.”

      “Stole your bounty? So, you’re both bounty hunters?”

      Asher’s blue eyes again darted to Cora before he lied flatly: “Yes.” 

      “That bounty was going to be my whale for the year,” Cora went on to ramble. “I always have at least one big payout bounty a year, and this was going to be mine, but he swooped in and stole it.”

      “I paid you back,” Asher interjected, tone light with humor. “With hard labor.”

      “That he did,” Cora beamed as she laid a gentle hand against his thigh, her fingers trailing along his knee.

      “Are the two of you wine or beer drinkers?”

      “Georgia Peach,” Asher declared quickly, and Cora cackled.

      “Could that be an inside joke, I sense?”

      “When he first tracked me down to a little bar along the Miami Boardwalk, that’s what I ordered for myself,” Cora explained.

      “Tracked you down?”

      “Yes,” Cora chuckled, turning her brown-hazel eyes affectionately up to Asher. “It took him long enough, even though I made it super easy for him. He was definitely a harder man to find.”

      “You value your privacy then, Asher?”

      “Introvertedly,” he said, offering Cora a shadow of a smile as he took her fingers into his, stroking her palm with his thumb.

      “So Cora, you’re more of the extrovert in your relationship?”

      “Evidently,” she shrugged.

      “Which of the two of you dresses the best when you do go out?”

      “Asher, I’m more of a thrift store type of gal,” Cora answered. “Cute, flowy dresses, but for a bargain.”

      “Would you also say you own more shoes, then?”

      “Absolutely,” Cora said as Asher snorted confirmation.

      “She only really wears her boots though,” Asher commented.

      “They’re my ass-kicking boots,” Cora confirmed. “I have a lot of ass to kick, therefore I wear them all the time.”

      “Maybe I’m asking you the wrong questions. You both must be pretty handy with a weapon, so which would you say is the best shot?”

      “I’d say me,” Cora said.

      “Negative,” Asher denied.

      “Asher may be the faster draw,” she conceded, “but I am the better shot.”

      “Inaccurate,” he grunted again.

      “Do you prefer a rifle, pistol, or machinegun?”

      “Pistol,” they both said together. 

      “I favor my Beretta,” Cora said, flashing Asher a smug smile who mocked her with a playful eye roll.

      “The pistol she stole from me,” Asher translated.

      “He pointed it at me when we first met, so naturally I commandeered it,” she said.

      “Naturally. Well, you read it here first, and you can read this introvert-extrovert, well dressed, bounty hunting couple’s story March twelfth when Bound By Chains is released by Blushing Books and Eclipse Publishing. Thank you for reading their interview, and I hope everyone enjoyed getting to know Cora and Asher.”

Author Interview

What genre do you write?

Romance. It’s such a broad genre though, isn’t it? So many subcategories. Sweet, explicit, or erotica is how I classify those many groups of romance novels, however. Most of my romance falls under the explicit category. Somewhere between the sweet, boy-meets-girl romance, and the passionate, lust filled, ‘just love me!’ erotica. My writing is plot driven romance with some sweet and some spicy scenes to make the heartstrings throb and the palms sweat.

What is your writing process like?

To write something is like solving a puzzle. You think up the puzzle pieces one by one, sometimes they are several pages long and sometime they are mere sentences or even just one word that perfectly conveys what you are trying to say. You put all the pieces together then rearrange them, twist and turn them into every semblance of order until it all fits together perfectly and paints a picture.

Do you like to outline or just dive right in when writing?

I wouldn’t say I form an outline before starting, but the idea is full before I dive in.  Usually I will start a word document with the working title and the mock synopsis, and periodically I will see or hear something that inspires me to write a small passage. Usually several times a day I will be inspired to write something into the notes section of my phone. I take all these passages at the end of the day and split them amongst my projects to where I believe they would fit best for the story I want to write. So when I actually start writing a book, I’ll have the beginning all planned and probably the end too with a bunch of random passages to incorporate like puzzle pieces into the grand design. 

Where do you find your inspiration when writing?

Everywhere. I can maybe pinpoint three or four big inspirers per book with many little random inspirations thrown in. If I really sat here and dissected it though, I’d say anime is my biggest inspiration, though other books and media are big ones too.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Erin Hunter was my first love. Her Warrior series revolutionized my life because I could barely read when I made myself start that series, but I loved it so much I forced myself to learn to read just to read her books. She helped me overcome my dyslexia and transition from the special ed class just by writing a few animal books. Now that’s power. 

Kelley Armstrong’s writing has always been an inspiration too. I loved her Women of the Otherworld series for its fluid pace and broad love amongst the well developed characters. I’d say her books are what helped me set the pace for mine. Not too fast, not too slow. Love develops over a period and when that initial intimacy happens BOOM! you feel it too, right in your core. 

Sarah Maas is another author I admire. Though some of her surprise twists crush my very soul, I like how she interprets mental illness and abusive relationships as not always being black-and-white. Her characters are constantly developing, which is accurate to real life people. We are constantly changing and evolving, so so does Maas’s characters. 

What is your favorite genre?

Fiction. I read everything from YA fiction to English literature, but I’ve found I don’t fully enjoy the read without a main character I can relate to. Usually I prefer a strong female role-model, but some strong men not suffering from toxic masculinity have also been appreciated. I also prefer a love interest in some form. Even if the romance is completely background to the plot and doesn’t end with a happily-ever-after, I still prefer it to be there. 

What do you love most about books?

How they can transport you to another dimension, or even another plane of self-awareness, and form your subconscious into a brand new being.