Can she handle three dominant husbands?

Welcome to Glenash, the cozy Victorian Highland village where one woman marries more than one husband!

In 1875, Fiona Magellan moves from London to Glenash as she mourns the loss of her parents. Her kind aunt insists it would be good for her to go to the annual Highland Fling to meet more people from the village.

Little do they expect Fiona to accidentally marry two huge Highlanders. Then her beau from London arrives and convinces her to elope with him – but the Highlanders catch up with them and the mayhem really begins…

How can one woman navigate the joys and pitfalls of being married to three men if she still doesn’t know how to bake bread?

Publisher’s Note: This light-hearted Scottish historical romance is a reverse harem. There are elements of menage and power exchange and a HEA is guaranteed. Although it is book two in the Highland Fling Brides series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone.


Character Interview

Fiona Magellan


Katie Douglas: We heard you married three husbands… how on Earth did that happen?

Fiona: It was not my plan for life! I didn’t even know such a thing was possible in Britain! I’m from London, where things are rational and sensible, and everything can be explained by science; I mean, it’s 1875, we know rather a lot about how the world works! And yet, when I moved to the tiny Scottish village of Glenash, I somehow got entangled in this strange world of destiny and almost everyone has more than one husband!


Katie Douglas: So, when you were a little girl, you didn’t dream of having three men to keep you company?

Fiona: Certainly not! I imagined marrying one man, and having a respectable townhouse in London, and servants, and balls during the social season. And instead I’m living in a log cabin with three husbands who seem to get a little competitive with one another!


Katie Douglas: You don’t sound happy with this situation.

Fiona: Well I dislike having to do so much housework, but… [Fiona blushes and looks away for a moment] I cannot deny there are some advantages to the situation.


Katie Douglas: Do tell.

Fiona: The thing about being married to three men is it means three times as much… ahem… marital relations. Sometimes at the same time.


Katie Douglas: Are there other advantages?

Fiona: Indeed. But I think they’re for me to know and you to find out. Of course, the disadvantage is three husbands means three times as many opportunities to get into trouble. My poor bottom…


Katie Douglas: Is it true that you actually married two of the men, then a third one appeared?

Fiona: [blushes even harder] Yes. But I regret nothing because the third man was Martin, who I have been enamoured with for rather a long time.


Katie Douglas: How did you feel when Martin arrived in the Highlands?

Fiona: At first I was in shock, because the last thing I knew, he was in London. Then I felt terribly guilty for marrying Graham and William without so much as a by-your-leave. Although, I did marry them by accident. So when Martin told me to elope with him, I might have said no, and settled for two husbands… but I didn’t [Fiona giggles naughtily]. I think I made the right choice.


Katie Douglas: I can’t help feeling slightly responsible for this entire situation…

Fiona: No comment. But I think three husbands are more than enough for me.


Katie Douglas: For you, yes. But not for the heroine of the next book! She’s getting four.

Fiona: [laughs heartily] I’ll be sure to give her some hints and tips on how to keep on top of the laundry.




Graham reached over Fiona’s head and unfastened the silk tie. She felt a little disappointed to no longer be bound and at their mercy.
“Fiona, get up a moment,” Graham said, and in his eyes she saw that he was machinating. She scrambled to her feet as quickly as possible. “Good girl. Now, Martin can lie on the bed; yes, just like that, and you can get back on his cock.”
Fiona felt a sense of joy as her pussy was stretched around Martin’s big cock once more. Then, hands gripped her hips and she felt someone else’s cock pressing against her rear.
“Good girl,” William murmured. “Let it in. Tell me if it gets too much.”
It felt like his cock was drilling into her as he kept up the pressure against her opening. When she thought something might break, it finally started to yield, and then he was inside her, past the tight ring of muscle that seemed to want to keep him out.
“How are you feeling, Fiona?” he asked tenderly.
“So… big…” she breathed. The two cocks inside her were stretching her more than anything in her life, and touched parts of her that had never been awakened before, and sparks of pure sensation seared through her core. She whimpered a little as William pressed in further.
“Such a good lass,” William remarked.
“Aye, I think that deserves a treat,” Graham said. Then, before she knew what was happening, Fiona had Graham’s cock at her lips. He ran his fingers through her hair, then gripped a good handful of her tresses and thrust deeply into her mouth.