Will she be taken to task or get away with acting like the spoiled brat she is?

Candace McKenzie did everything she could think of to sabotage her brother Chas’ wedding to Babe, a little nobody who came from nowhere. If it was going to embarrass Babe, Candy was all in. Unfortunately, despite her efforts, the marriage went on as planned. Now, certain people think Candy should pay the price for her actions.

Mark Schaller grew up with Chas and remembers Candy as his little tag along sister. He has also watched her grow up into a beautiful woman with an entitled attitude. When he takes her home after Chas’ wedding, sparks fly. He couldn’t be more surprised when he decides to take her in hand, Candy’s life will change forever.

This is book three in the Sassy Girls series but can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance features humor, sensual scenes and power exchange. If these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Mark spanked her vulnerable bottom, smartly, over and over, making his territory. He administered much harder discipline in his life, but none so satisfactory that he could recall. Here was a genuine, died in the wool spoiled brat and even though she’d behaved well today, he could not help remembering all the times she’d driven him crazy with her wise-ass comments or stuck her tongue out at him in spite when she got her way. 

Still, he tempered his hand, unwilling to mark her beyond an extremely red and sore bottom.

As he continued Candy began to squirm and wiggle, her legs restless. Wrapping his arm firmly around her waist he pulled her closer to his abdomen letting her know she was going nowhere. One small foot swung up and nearly clocked him in the head so he took a moment to rearrange her, placing one of his strong legs over both of hers, which also elevated her bottom on his remained thigh.

“I told you no nonsense,” he scolded, sharply catching the underside of her bottom a few times. “Do I need to get the paddle out of the drawer?”

“No, no please,” she whimpered. “I’ll be good.”

“I hope so,” he informed her. “I would hate for this evening to end with you crying yourself to sleep instead of crying out your release in my arms, sweetie.”

Mid-squeal she clamped her lips together and he smiled. Well, that pretty much ended their debate, he realized joyfully. If she was still looking forward to making love with him at this point, the spanking hadn’t dampened her need, only enhanced it.

For the next five minutes he continued to pepper her ass with swats, sporadically placed so she couldn’t anticipate where they would fall or how hard they would be. When she was crying softly he stopped and held his hand to her heated flesh, clutching each cheek firmly. 

Lifting his leg he released her and she immediately started to push up, but his big hand on her back stopped her.

“Not yet, baby,” he ordered. “I still have some checking to do.”

Slowly he trailed his hand down the outside of her leg. He could feel the muscles tighten. She knew exactly where he was headed. His fingers stroked the inside of her thigh on his way back up, slowing when he felt the slight dampness, which increased the higher his hand moved.

Candy gasped and tried to close her legs, no doubt embarrassed that he’d proven his point but a hard slap on the crest of her bottom had them falling open.

Mark cupped her, firmly, fully and with no thought of letting go. His hand grew wet, his fingers slippery with her dew and he did not hesitate to slide one, then two of them inside her causing her to lift her bottom for deeper penetration as she groaned in defeat.

“Oh honey, I knew it,” he said gently. “I knew you would respond like this.”

“You’re a jerk,” she shouted, twisting her head to glare at him, tears streaking down her cheeks.

“I know,” he admitted unrepentantly, “but a very lucky jerk.” 

He lifted her easily, placing her on his lap facing him. Quickly he unzipped his jeans and released his cock. 

“Be a good girl and ride me,” he ordered. 

Biting her lip she looked at him and for a moment he wondered if she would refuse. Wisely, he leaned in and kissed her. 

Candy’s face broke into a grin.

“You’re still a jerk,” she said as she lifted her bottom and moved closer, pausing when he felt his cock at her opening. Then, ever so slowly she began to sink down on him, taking his cock so beautifully he closed his eyes in ecstasy. 

Once settled she put her forehead on his shoulder and took several deep breaths as she stretched to accommodate him. When she began to move he took hold of both of her slightly puffy cheeks and held them. 

It took all of his willpower to fend off his climax. This was important, he thought gritting his teeth. This was the start of something wonderful, something he’d been looking for all of his life. He would not screw this up.

When he thought he could not take another rise and fall of her slick pussy, he squeezed her cheeks, hard.

“Ouch,” she yelled.

“Turn around,” he ground out.

“Huh?” she replied in confusion.

He smacked her ass, hard.

“Turn around,” he commanded again.

With a huff, Candy complied giving him a few seconds to regroup. Once her back was to him he began to ease her down onto his cock.

“Relax,” he hissed. “Lean back against me. Spread your legs, one over each of my thighs. I want you wide open.”

She glanced at him over her shoulder with wary eyes but obeyed.

When she was fully settled on him, when he felt his balls against her ass and the heat of her cheeks on his thighs he wrapped one arm securely around her waist. His other hand traveled down her stomach, his fingers settling directly over her clit.

“Be a good girl,” he murmured in her ear. “Do as I say.”

Candy nodded as his hand got busy. She squirmed on his lap, impaled with no way to move other than a slight rocking of her hips, which delighted him. He was in control. He would bring her to orgasm in his own time.

He teased her over and over, letting her get close, feeling her pussy begin to squeeze him. Each time he would pause, rubbing her thighs, her stomach. He did anything he could to push her hot bottom down onto him reinforcing his control of her body.

Her whimpers and moans soon became pleas. Mark enjoyed that tremendously. Once, her hand shot to her pussy to end her torment on her own. He slapped it away.

“Do you need another spanking?” he hissed into her ear. “Do you need the paddle or maybe a wooden spoon would suit you better? I can carry you to the kitchen and bend you over the island,” he suggested. “Of course I won’t allow you to come if I have to punish you for not minding me,” he pointed out.

Then it was too late for words. Candy’s body clutched him, convulsively milking his cock as she screamed out her pleasure. He wasn’t touching her clit. He wasn’t stroking her anywhere, yet the things he’d whispered in her ear, the warning, the voracity of his tone had been enough to send her over the edge. 

He gathered her back against him, lightly stroking and tweaking her clit until his attentions propelled her into a second climax. 

“You’re a good girl, baby. Such a good girl,” he whispered into her hair as she panted weakly against him. “Let’s go upstairs where I can take care of you properly,” he said, grasping her hips, helping her stand and steadying her when her legs refused to support her properly.

Mark pulled his jeans over his painfully erect penis and swept Candy into his arms. She cuddled docilely against him, burying her face in his neck as he carried her upstairs. 

It was all he could do not to shout for joy. Yes, he had yet to come, but the night was long and that would be taken care of in due time. For right now he was content to wallow in his good fortune. 

He had a well-spanked, well-loved woman in his arms. A sweet young thing with a blazing red bottom who would do whatever he told her to or pay the price. What more could a man ask for? 

Oh, he’d be good to her. Women like this didn’t grow on trees. He would be fair, firm and loving. He was already half in love with her. With time he prayed she would come to feel the same way and see that they were made for each other, despite their differences, or maybe because of them.